What happened to Jack’s?

Reader Tom asks:

Hi,  I live over by Jack’s on 24th.  The place has been closed since the new year, it was a shock to see it dark on a Friday night.  No sign or notice stating that they are on holiday.  Does anyone know what’s up?  I hope the closure is temporary, no updates on their Facebook page either.

Website is still up, but it has no updates.

Anyone have any ideas? Did they fall into financial ruin after DJ Purple’s departure? Did the city outlaw the sale of single-serving drinks out of mini-pitchers? Is the Jack’s crew at a 2-week a team-building ropes course retreat? We must know!

Update: Kevmo fills us in:

It was sold over the summer (I think, it might have been more recently). New owners are most likely just getting ready to gut the place for whatever renovations they have planned.

Prediction: Mini-pitchers will take the drinking world by storm

Jack’s bar has these adorable $5 mini-pitchers of Busch. It’s great. You can sip right from it, top off your friends’ cups when they are running low, and the easy-grip handle makes it easier to hang on to your drink. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a thing. Get in on the ground floor, folks.

More mini-pitcher action after the jump…