Prediction: Mini-pitchers will take the drinking world by storm

Jack’s bar has these adorable $5 mini-pitchers of Busch. It’s great. You can sip right from it, top off your friends’ cups when they are running low, and the easy-grip handle makes it easier to hang on to your drink. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a thing. Get in on the ground floor, folks.

More mini-pitcher action after the jump…

[via LurkSkateSF]

20 Responses to “Prediction: Mini-pitchers will take the drinking world by storm”

  1. NATAS says:

    glad to find this out, i live a block away from jack’s and was getting tired of 3.50 warm tecates

  2. Tasty’s in Sunnyvale has had these for years…and you can get Indian pizzas along with them. You can get the “Singh is King” pizza along with a minipitcher of any beer.
    If you know anything about Sunnyvale…that is where the good cheap beer and good Indian food/movies are. The parameters of that beer-pizza hybridization are wide…gotta autofocus on the cluster of amplified goodness for some tasty data…

    • CChew says:

      I think your boy Harm missed the point of this blog.

      • why says:

        yeah – like all those papalote reviews on yelp saying how their salsa nothing special and you can get something similar in almost every place in San Jose… A trip to far for a burreto…

  3. oj says:

    They do the fuck out of this in London with Pimms. Jugs of Pimms. Gross.

  4. King Pin says:

    The last picture looks like they are in a Alley Bowling

  5. Stuart says:

    The Pine Cove in Sac does Oll mini-pitchers…. and a popcorn machine

  6. Sarah says:

    Jack’s isn’t in the mission.

  7. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    I’m not sure how much you would have to pay me to drink Busch, but I know it would be more than $5.

    • See, that’s how you can identify us old assholes — even if we don’t have any money, we’ll figure out way to get it to avoid drinking shitty beer.

    • sk_sf says:

      Yes. I have to agree with you on that one. Would rather go to Suppenkuche and have a mass of something I actually want to drink.

  8. Vic Tanny says:

    This is a welcome break from obese Mission chicks; even nice hair, not like the brassy red done-in-the-sink color of the toad from a few days ago.