So you need to make mac ‘n’ cheese for 80?

Chef Kevin Kroger, formerly of Monk’s Kettle, was really flattered when we lamented the loss of his amazing mac & cheese masterpiece. So much so, that yesterday he decided to post a “making of” feature of the dish on his blog. His secret? Put some beer in it.

In addition to that, he shows you how to make “Chocolate Pop Rock Bars”. Seriously? This man is a visionary.

So in case you find yourself needing to feed 80 people with some extreme comfort food this weekend, head on over to and check out the recipe. Don’t forget to pick up some butter and heavy cream first:

Monk’s Kettle Menu Misery

Menu changes and restaurant closings are never easy. The least they could do is open source (is that a verb?) those recipes so you can relive the glory on your own.

Reader Kori, for example, does not approve of Monk’s Kettle’s recent developments:

Can you find out what the hell happened the old chef at Monk’s Kettle?
Don’t get me wrong, the new menu is tasty but it doesn’t hold a CANDLE to what it used to be.

There’s NO MORE Mac & Cheese, NO MORE Chicken, Bacon and Brie sandwich (and don’t tell me their new chicken sandwich is just as good, because it isn’t), and NO MORE fries set-up with the trio of sauces.

What am I supposed to do when I’m drunk at 10am and need my chicken sandwich fix? Where am I supposed to find a place that lets me dip my fries in both chipotle ketchup AND curry sauce?

Any light you can shed on the subject is appreciated.

Eater SF points out that this all came with a recent Chef change:

Now said new chef and former Coloradoan Adam Dulye is ready to release his new menu today. The press release says it’s “more delicate and elegant”

The definition for “delicate and elegant”? Buttermilk-fried rabbit. Hmm.

Well, at least they kept the awesome pretzel. So long, amazing Mac and Cheese. Thanks to you, I will never look at a box of Annie’s Shells and White Cheddar the same ever again.

[photo by SFRichardT]


MrEricSir delivers the Monk’s Kettle Mac & Cheese recipe on the chef’s blog.