Monk’s Kettle Menu Misery

Menu changes and restaurant closings are never easy. The least they could do is open source (is that a verb?) those recipes so you can relive the glory on your own.

Reader Kori, for example, does not approve of Monk’s Kettle’s recent developments:

Can you find out what the hell happened the old chef at Monk’s Kettle?
Don’t get me wrong, the new menu is tasty but it doesn’t hold a CANDLE to what it used to be.

There’s NO MORE Mac & Cheese, NO MORE Chicken, Bacon and Brie sandwich (and don’t tell me their new chicken sandwich is just as good, because it isn’t), and NO MORE fries set-up with the trio of sauces.

What am I supposed to do when I’m drunk at 10am and need my chicken sandwich fix? Where am I supposed to find a place that lets me dip my fries in both chipotle ketchup AND curry sauce?

Any light you can shed on the subject is appreciated.

Eater SF points out that this all came with a recent Chef change:

Now said new chef and former Coloradoan Adam Dulye is ready to release his new menu today. The press release says it’s “more delicate and elegant”

The definition for “delicate and elegant”? Buttermilk-fried rabbit. Hmm.

Well, at least they kept the awesome pretzel. So long, amazing Mac and Cheese. Thanks to you, I will never look at a box of Annie’s Shells and White Cheddar the same ever again.

[photo by SFRichardT]


MrEricSir delivers the Monk’s Kettle Mac & Cheese recipe on the chef’s blog.

17 Responses to “Monk’s Kettle Menu Misery”

  1. MrEricSir says:

    You can read about Monk’s Kettle’s chef Kevin Kroger at his blog.

    His blog contains some recipes, including his AWESOME mac and cheese recipe.

  2. Thanks for the write up and responses. I was and am still very proud of my food that I made for my customers. I did find my cuisine “delicate and elegant” as well and my beer dinners and events(all 25+)showcased talents with beer and food that are not seen frequently in the bay area. My menu was also approachable and had many vegetarian options that I strived for when creating the food for the three years I was there. For the record, the pretzel is not the same item I highlighted on the original menu. I am thankful though I now have my menu back and can now make a transition when an opportunity arises to continue to make people happy when they eat my food.

    Cheers! -Chef Kevin Kroger

  3. frenchfry says:

    Where are you supposed to get your chicken sandwich and fries with lots of dippers? Fritz, of course!

  4. Rick says:

    Rosamunde fries can assist in the meantime…and they have a delicious breakfast menu as well.

  5. Btw, I think my next blog post will be more of a recipe based post including some of the yearnings I hear going on with the hungry folks here! Stay tuned!

  6. LawnDarter says:

    I miss the old menu. The new one is way too ambitious and ends up failing in its execution. I never send food back, but last time I was there I had to. Bring back the lamb burger!

  7. Mom says:

    Kev, you were an integral part of making Monk’s Kettle such an outstanding success. Don’t forget they depended, mightily, on you from the day they began their venture. Hold your head high and continue with your goodwill works. You have alot of support and karma will always guide you down the right path!!!!!!!!!

  8. JDD says:

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Monks Kettle and I always raved about the Mac n Cheese. Ohhhhhh, the Mac n Cheese… The beer list is still amazing, but I agree, the menu is just not the same.

    And, my rabbits who live down the street on Albion are not thrilled about the rabbit on the menu, buttermilk or not…

  9. robert says:

    From my recent vist to the Kettle, Adam has a lot to offer. Yes there is less options for the vegies, about half of the Mission at this point. Let’s not panic and let Adam settle in. Loved the duck.

  10. luke says:

    I got the meatloaf grinder last time I was there and I would have preferred the old pulled pork or lamb burger over it.

    My girlfriend stated that the old menu wasn’t cheap either but the food hit a comfort food niche done well and thus was worth it. We also think the claim “this menu should find a place in the hearts of omnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike.” should be revised since the new menu is very meat heavy.

    Lastly, no more cookies…

  11. mike says:

    I, too, love that pretzel. I love it 5% less now, though, since I heard that they just heat up standard Sysco pretzels. I’m sure the sauces are home-made, though.

    • Actually the pretzel came from a company in New Jersey. It was the closest thing I could find to an east coast type pretzel. Unfortunately for that kitchen, you can never hand make 180 pretzels which is what the volume we sold then. The new pretzel is forzen as well. C’est la vie!

  12. Rowdy Randy says:

    I just found out where Kevin Kroger has landed. He’s opened a gastropub in Berkeley. Went there. The food is Monk’s Kettle supreme and the beer list is affordable and solid. Here’s the yelp reviews so far…