One Million to Kill Paris Hilton

I felt like kicking it old school this morning by putting something in the mail.  Turns out there was some easter egg sticker art in there paying homage to my favorite sticker artist.


Outside the MacD’s on 24th and Mission.

The Tortoise and the Sleep Apnea

EPA has the scoop on some hot new sticker art in the Mission.

Sticker on Sticker Crime

Some 6th grade teacher was clearly grading sticker tags last week.  Although I was not too impressed with this particular piece, anything assessed to be worthy of the esteemed “four spiders” designation deserves some props.

Dos Equis

Screen shot 2009-11-09 at 2.27.48 AM

(photo by __SB__)

"…Mortal of Funk…" Sticker Art on the Pop's Photobooth

mortal of funk

photo 4

photo 3

Bart Simpson's, John Kerry's and Jeff Foxworthy's Love Child


Hella Lust

just like jimmy carter

Also, Ban all Marriage <3.

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