Cancun Christmas conflagration

Although the best spot to incinerate your desiccated Christmas tree is obviously Ocean Beach, with your living room being a close second, who’s to say that the sidewalks of the Mission can’t get in on the fun too?

(Thanks, Charlie!)

Did you lose your bag about 20 feet above Cancun?

‘Cause I may have found it. Better go claim it before that window looky-loo figures out where it is.

On second thought, this could be the turning point in some really good story involving cat burglars, a mystical ankle bracelet found in a pawn shop, and roof people versus alley people.

Cancun Multi-tasking

Real multi-tasking is making four burritos and giving props to the a dude standing on the counter taking his picture at the same time.

Snapped at Taqueria Cancun by Chris Kalani who apparently did lots of cool stuff during his visit.