Amber Dhara coming in May

It seems like this place has been boarded up for years, because it has. The restaurant, which shares a name with an Indian TV show about conjoined twins who share a liver, will finally open this May. According to the sign seen above.

Apparently the same people have a spot of the same name in Palo Alto. I asked my friend and collaborator, Palo Alto resident Tanuj Chopra, what he thought about it and he said the food is fine and they have a solid reputation in the peninsula. About the style of their temporary sign he said “it’s interesting as the spots here are not graf or urban or edgy – feel like that’s just a temporary look or maybe a different marketing direction for SF.”

Well, they wouldn’t be the first to welcome themselves to the neighborhood by throwing up some “edgy urban artwork”. And maybe it does capture the feel of the establishment, according to the owner, this outlet will be a “high energy” 200 seat Indian tapas restaurant and bar. I guess we’ll see in May.

Meet Some Bathroom Friends

Sitting Room Only

Settling in at the restroom at Osha Thai I noticed that there were still two open seats. I guess you could invite the people standing outside the door to relax and wait inside? There’s no stall or anything, so it kind of seemed like anyone sitting there would just be judging my performance.

I know that sometimes restaurants just stash their extra chairs in the bathroom, but the way these two were placed really made me feel like they thought I needed some company. I know I’m overthinking it, but something about public bathrooms makes me turn into Woody Allen.