Mission Delores Park

Burrito Justice points out that the Google Maps Staff clearly doesn’t go to Dolores Park too often:


3 Responses to “Mission Delores Park”

  1. mcas says:

    Back a few years ago right when Google Satellite launched, I tried to look at Zeitgeist, only to discover that searching for ZG gave you the correct address, (199 Valencia) but had it geo-coded around the corner on Stevenson. (I wish I took a screenshot…) I mentioned it to a google employee who I was friends with who filed a ticket to repair it, it was marked as ‘complete’ but not changed… obviously someone in the maps department didn’t want people finding ZG… maybe the same over-protective of Mission hip culture google employee did this, too.

  2. Stells says:

    They should learn how to spell Dolores Park before they misplace it.

  3. Stells says:

    Oh wait,that was the whole point of the post, wasn’t it? Tired today…