Banksy Weighs in on Sit-Lie

Now that Frank Chu (or his dedicated fans) has already had his fun with this Mission Banksy piece, the Sit-Lie folks get their turn at a little political piggy-backery.

Wait a minute . . . now WordPress is telling me that “piggy-backery ” isn’t a real word?  Well, I don’t want to start any fights or anything, but WordPress doesn’t think MIXOLOGIST is a real word either.

Oh snap!

Anyway, you can give your own take on the Sit-lie debate this Monday at the Public Committee hearing in City Hall.  The fun starts at 9am on the front steps!

[Photo and Title by Andy B.]


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27 Responses to “Banksy Weighs in on Sit-Lie”

  1. Jeremy says:

    You know, Banksy Indian is right.

    • youyouyouwhy says:

      There isnt somewhere for the homeless to go. Go to 165 Capp street between 7am-noon, 2pm-5pmish. Everyday but Sunday this resource center tries to find beds for over 300+ homeless people (and that is just in the mission).

      The reality is that there isnt enough beds and very little compassion given to homeless by shelter workers by the staff or some homeless even get harassed by other homeless people for whatever superficial reason.

      That is why they are where they are.

      • laurie bk says:

        Women’s shelter worker once told me “If I were faced with the threat of getting beaten up, raped and robbed every night with no place to go, I’d want to be on drugs too.”

      • youyouyouwhy says:

        SHIT!when i made the connection that sex work was a woman’s poverty issue, i for sure had more compassion towards their issues. i mean, how much can you feel for a person when you dont understand where or what a person just went though or circumstance they are trying to overcome?

      • laurie bk says:

        This social worker is in LA, working at shelters for mentally ill women, addicts, and young teenage girls whose hollywood dreams ended up rock bottom, surviving as prostitutes on the street.

        I don’t think sex work is always a poverty issue though it often is. I’ve met some people who do it to reclaim power (they were sexually abused). Or as a radical way to integrate forces within themselves that society denies.

    • youyouyouwhy says:

      I was in NY for the last three years and how i loved how anything and anyone could pop somebody’s precious bubble at any given moment. Though SF isnt as confrontational, it reminds me of the things i shouldnt forget about and most important how much effort this city put towards solutions!

      • youyouyouwhy says:

        I feel that you are talking about a small minority of workers that feel that way(the ones that are still working that seem to have a handle on it)( prop K in sf, Q in the east bay back in 2004).

        A majority of working Sex workers are YOUNG, who are not at that level of thinking yet as they are 13 or 14!

    • youyouyouwhy says:

      its a complex issue since there are no strict enforcements like other types of sex work trades… since these young ladies (under 18)have no material/parental support, to me, its a poverty issue…

      • laurie bk says:

        You’re right, with teens it must be all poverty issue…. The few sex workers in the Mission I know of are older (maybe even have kids themselves).

        Dunno about other SF neighborhoods. Or NYC. In Hollywood there’s way more runaways (teen girls and boys under 17) that turn to prostitution to survive, bodies wasted early from drugs used to cope. And then there are the pros who also work hard in a different way and — as youyouyouwhy says — “seem to have a handle on it”, some even living the high life, fast cars, spas, shopping…

        Here an interesting read on East Bay sex trafficking of minors:

        Sorry, I digress. These Banksy pieces get me all hot and bothered.

    • youyouyouwhy says:

      I think its great that we have a lot to about the issue. some may not be aware of whats really there because of bias sources right? it varies per county. if sex workers are constantly being criminalized, seen as a moral issue versus a labor issue, they are not going to step forward to break it down to let supporters know what/where we can help!

      dont be sorry, i would rather talk about prolonged public disputes that street art can inspire


      • laurie bk says:

        Walked by Native American today. He’s now faceless. I thought he was a beautiful addition to alley. Guess he was a magnet for lots of things.

  2. fluffy says:

    The Sit/Lie protest is silly. Yes, sidewalks are for people. TO WALK ON. I’m sick of tripping over sleeping homeless people and having to shove my way through crowds of people who are just hanging out and blocking foot traffic to the point that I’d have to walk on the street to get around them. Fuck the Sit/Lie protesters.

    • Sortoff says:

      We already have laws against blocking the sidewalks.
      Just call a cop next time. Crybaby.

    • andy says:

      Why is it that every comment you ever read in support of sit/lie is a hate-filled rant against homeless people? Yet its proponents insist it won’t be used to target the homeless. Now they’re even trying to rebrand it as the “Civil Sidewalks Ordinance.”

      Clearly there’s nothing civil behind the intent of this law.

      This law is supported by people who want to turn San Francisco into a clean, quiet, sterile suburb. But the world already has enough boring suburbs. There’s only one San Francisco and the world needs San Francisco. Hell no on sit/lie.

      • fluffy says:

        There are plenty of homeless shelters and homeless outreach programs that I donate money to.

        You might notice that homeless people sleeping across the sidewalk was only one thing I mentioned, and I also don’t have a problem with homeless people finding shelter as long as they sleep parallel to the sidewalk. I do feel sorry for them. But when they stop caring enough to even, say, avoid tripping blind people or obstructing people in wheelchairs, I take issue with it.

        Of course, this is California, where the rules only apply to other people.

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      That’s the thing about homeless people, they don’t have homes to go sleep in. It might just be possible that it’s more inconvenient for them that they’re sleeping on the sidewalk then for you to walk by them. Maybe you should look into supporting programs for people in need of various kinds of support.

      • fluffy says:

        Bah, my reply was meant to go to this comment. Whatever.

      • Nate says:

        Fluffy- Tripping bling people is wrong and also a violent crime. Obstructing people in wheelchairs is agaisnt the law thanks to the law that bans blocking sidewalks. This law would make it illegal for you, me and the people who you ‘feel sorry for’ to sit in public space.

    • suckerpunch says:

      While your passion is noted, I must I must interject here that all of things you are complaining about are already illegal.
      You might want to look into why people are actually protesting the proposed sit/lie law (hint: it has to do with redundancy & the ‘targeting’ of a specific sub-set of humans)

      • flaccid_turgid says:

        I shouldn’t have to call the police to get little self-entitled brats out of my way so I can go about my business. And I *want* the homeless targeted. Fuck ‘em. They distribute my trash all over my street (doesn’t that blow into the bay?) and literally *take shits* in my driveway. I wish I could shoot them. Or at least beat them over the head with a 2×4. You think they give a crap about all your bleeding heart pity? Not unless it comes with your spare change. I think anyone who feels so strongly about protecting these rats should have to clean up after them.

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  4. laurie bk says:

    Last week a cop and a homeless man who was sitting near gourmet hub of 18th St. — and out of people’s way — civilly argued about sit/lie. Cop finally told him to move over to 16th St.

    Last time this homeless guy ‘solicited’ me, he offered me money to get him a cup of tea from video store across street. Guess he felt underdressed.

  5. f_me says:

    Oooh, another hot topic!

    As for me, I advocate rehabilitation camps for the chronically homeless, with termination options for repeat aggressive panhandlers.

    I mean, I’ve been dealing with some of these same assholes for 15 years. Some of them would probably welcome death.

    • Glen Danzig's Prius says:

      awwwww poor you……..having to deal with something…waaaa waaaaaaa.

      • gorblimey says:

        awwwww poor you……..having to read a comment that you don’t agree with…waaaa waaaaaaa.

  6. Dan Walsh says:

    Some pretty good close ups of this stencil here:

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