The remains of a Banksy

What’s left of this.

Banksy’s buddy


He’s got Vibes. New thing next to the old new thing.

We previously had Banksy Fever and maybe he did some jeans shopping.

Banksy is Back?

It appears that Banksy heard about the challenge we offered him last month and decided to respond!

Or this is the work of some sort of copy-cat artist.  Check it out under the bridge at Dolores Park and decide for yourself!

(Thanks Bryan!)

Banksy Simpsons Intro


[via Gizmodo]

Update: Fox pulled the YouTube link. Here’s the vimeo version:


San Francisco Has Banksy Fever!

Junior Banksy?

Someone seems to be timing the re-issue of the Banksy film with some new art of the same style.

Regardless of who did it, what do you make of the message?

(Thanks for spotting and sending, reader Dave!)

Update: Another one spotted on Lexington at 19th. (Thanks Jeannine!)

Go See The Movie Everyone Was Talking About Four Months Ago

Just in case you’re like me and Banksy Fever™ still wasn’t enough for you to get out and see Exit Through the Gift Shop, it’s playing at the Roxie through Thursday. Showtimes are at 8:30pm.

Banksy Weighs in on Sit-Lie

Now that Frank Chu (or his dedicated fans) has already had his fun with this Mission Banksy piece, the Sit-Lie folks get their turn at a little political piggy-backery.

Wait a minute . . . now WordPress is telling me that “piggy-backery ” isn’t a real word?  Well, I don’t want to start any fights or anything, but WordPress doesn’t think MIXOLOGIST is a real word either.

Oh snap!

Anyway, you can give your own take on the Sit-lie debate this Monday at the Public Committee hearing in City Hall.  The fun starts at 9am on the front steps!

[Photo and Title by Andy B.]


Enough Banksy for Chu?

San Francisco Has Banksy Fever!

Banksy Fever Continues!

Did Troy Holden Find Another Banksy?

Because the weekend’s not over yet. In Fisherman’s Wharf:


(photo, obviously, by Troy Holden)

UPDATE: Well, whatever this is, it’s been here since before 2010.

San Francisco Has Banksy Fever!

Banksy On Sycamore
I know everyone else has already done all kinds of stuff about Banksy’s apparent PR trip to SF. (Kevmo is the go to guy for all my Bansky needs!) We couldn’t really sit around the Mission Mission offices sipping maté in our sweatpants all day and not join in the action a little.

So, let me ask you this, are these pieces still Banksy pieces if he didn’t put them up himself? If he designed them and maybe even chose the location and then e-mailed a PDF to his assistants who then cut the stencil and put them up, does that still make it a Banksy original? If it’s a unique design, which he doesn’t use anywhere else? This conversation took up most of my night last night and my voice is a little hoarse from all the loud talking, so I wanted to know what all of you thought.

UPDATE: Banksy loves pants!