The remains of a Banksy

What’s left of this.

Banksy’s buddy


He’s got Vibes. New thing next to the old new thing.

We previously had Banksy Fever and maybe he did some jeans shopping.

Go See The Movie Everyone Was Talking About Four Months Ago

Just in case you’re like me and Banksy Fever™ still wasn’t enough for you to get out and see Exit Through the Gift Shop, it’s playing at the Roxie through Thursday. Showtimes are at 8:30pm.

Banksy Fever Continues!

Are we over Banksy Fever? Ariel Dovas thinks “maybe”, but our top posts list says, “nope”.

Well, maybe it’s just Banksy Light-Cough at this point, but two new alleged Banksy pieces were discovered this weekend in places San Franciscans don’t go to very often: North Beach and Alcatraz:

On Columbus and Broadway

(via Toasted Blog)

On Alcatraz Island (!!!)

(via Uptown Almanac)

Finally, it looks like the folks who were blessed with Banksy’s “doctor” piece have realized it’s artistic merit (or business potential) and started cleaning up the vandalism it suffered last week at the hands of otter and others:

'It's very hard to get it'

(via SFist)