Blog About Poo-Poo Sauce

Cheese-filled corn tortillas give reader Rian O. “major bonerpants” (his words), so he’s chronicling all his Mission pupusa dining experiences on his blog: riproarious. Scattered throughout these lengthy reviews are some deep philosophical questions, like this example of the Hipster Paradox:

When I see a hipster doofus like me at the counter, I get genuinely pissed. “Back off!” I whisper under my breath while starring into my iPhone. “Our kind will be the ruin of this place.”

These establishments are getting full writeups and a rating of 1-4 “Dios Mios” (rough translation: OMGs!).

Go ahead and tell him how much you disagree and how you’ve been backpacking in El Salvador so you know what’s up.

One Response to “Blog About Poo-Poo Sauce”

  1. Gah says:

    HA! best quote ever.

    hipsters: ruining cool things since 1921.