Arinell Gear

Now you can show everyone what you think is the best pizza in San Francisco when you wear your new Arinell hat and t-shirt with pride!  Trucker hats are only six dollars!  Rumor has it that Steve Jobs already has one . . .

Also, can we finally put that whole “Arinell’s” nonsense to rest?  There’s no apostrophe, folks.  Recognize.

Previously: at Arinell (NSFW)


3 Responses to “Arinell Gear”

  1. A box is 50 cents?!!!

    I’m a buy da hat, put da slices innit an stuff it up yo… oh, wait — can’t do that. I forgot I’m one of those old, well-mannered, tradition-respecting cranks that The Mission would rather forget about.

    Sorry ’bout that.

  2. slyder24 says:

    Not even close to the best pizza in SF.