Mission Playground adds new concrete rubble pile play area

While we were all bummed about a section of Dolores Park closing off this weekend, the entirety of Mission Playground on 19th and Valencia was reduced to a fenced-off pile of rubble. Renovations will take approximately 14 months.

At least one fellow was not happy about it:

24 Responses to “Mission Playground adds new concrete rubble pile play area”

  1. the tongue says:

    I love Joan Crawford.

  2. FissionFission says:

    I love Texas Pete.

  3. SimonSays says:

    Someone defaced the sign? Grow the fuck up.

    • SimonSays says:

      And learn to spell… Its RIPOFF, not RIPPOFF!

      • FissionFission says:

        Have you seen the people that hang out in that park? The people who would be most upset about its closing? They’re not going to get your message.

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  4. peeonyourstoop says:

    The whole attitude you New Mission whiners have is repulsive. Let me start by saying FUUUUUUCK YOU. Get the fuck out of here with your “ewwwwwwwww-dirty!!!” crying. Makes me embarrassed to be a Gringo.

    • FissionFission says:

      It’s not so much the dirt and grime at Mission Playground that bothers me. It’s mostly the drunk-as-fuck, slobbering, toothless hobos yelling about my girlfriend’s “tits” that I have a problem with.

      • chalkman says:

        the playground itself was fine, the section of grass in the picture seemed to be a combo shooting gallery/drunk tank

  5. The Problem with Larry says:

    Will they finally pay attention to speedo heights?

    Oh, right, no.

    Its all about the children.

  6. Sheabones says:

    Nothing like a little rubble and hand-trowled quikrete for a new DIY skate spot, right Verdi Club?

  7. manymachines says:

    Putting on my dad hat (kidding – it’s pretty much the only hat I wear these days), I don’t know why they’re doing this one at the same time as Dolores. The Dolores playground is a giant puddle of dog urine, and good riddance to it. But this one was basically fine. It’s not as nice as some of the newer playgrounds, but it was definitely good enough to last until the Dolores renovation was done.

    • 94103er says:

      Not much of an answer, but Rec & Parks posts their project timelines on their site and you can see that the Mission project was supposed to begin Feb ’10 (I think?) and be complete by now. Dolores was operating under a slightly different purview because of private funding–I don’t know why–and it too was supposed to get renovated last year, but starting last fall I think. Then I heard something about a re-bid owing to cost overruns or something, and here we are.

      Anyway, the upshot is that when the money comes in you just have to start rolling the machines and unfortunate separate circumstances mean we’re pretty much screwed for a while around here.

    • chalkman says:

      Mission Playground was the one that was a puddle of urine, except it was human urine as the bathrooms pretty much drained down the steps into the sand.

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