Three nights of Mission Night Market this week

Ken Ken Ramen is hosting a 3-day “Asian night market” style event with local artisinal crafts and food vendors at their space on 18th St.:

We love Asian Night Markets full of interesting stalls, vendors, food, and craziness — so much so that we’re turning our noodle factory into a three night Mission Night Market! Set up next door to Ken Ken Ramen at 3376 18th St, Mission Night Market will run Thursday, Friday & Saturday, hosting independent vendors, crazy artists, and more. Themes and vendors will range from Surfers to Vintage to Palm Readers to Jewelers to Japanese Dessert Makers & more!

Look for a wild selection of local artists setting up shop and hawking their goods at this evening bazaar. Three nights only! March 8-10 2012. 6pm to Late.

Selected vendors and more include:

  • Bobaguys
  • ScuttleFish Vanagon Surf Mobile
  • SanFlan Japanese Desserts
  • Palm Reading
  • The Gypsie Shop by Curator Amanda Krampf
  • Alite Camping Equipment
  • JackKnife Outfitters
  • Revolver Select
  • Cureall Vintage
  • Auger + Ore Jewelry
  • Webster Reading Room
  • Roppongi Records
  • Aoi Yamaguchi
  • Kitsch Art Gallery
  • Valerian Jewelry
  • Dillon Montara Clothing
  • Adam Lam Furniture

Nice try guys, but we all know it’s not a real Asian night market without knock-off Adidas shoes and booth after booth of iPhone cases.

This goes down at 3376 18th Street 6pm to late Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (March 8th, 9th, 10th).

7 Responses to “Three nights of Mission Night Market this week”

  1. scum says:

    Round eye loves Asian night market.

  2. SFKix says:

    Do they take AmEx?

  3. Caldwell says:

    Ken Ken would do well to work on their goddamn ramen rather than spending time on anything and everything else.

  4. arlene says:

    what does SanFlan Japanese Desserts sell exactly?

    Will there be any other foodie things? I probably will try Ken Ken Ramen & Boba Guys.

  5. Masako says:

    They’re Japanese, how more Asian should they be? I went there and had a good time. Also love their ramen.

  6. Linh says:

    I want to be a vendor. How to I get in? I make yummy bake goods.