What really happened with that ketchup-and-cornichon spill

A couple weeks back, we reported on this curious scene outside a neighborhood residence. Over the weekend, one of the culprits wrote in to explain what had actually happened:

Oh dear…this is my front yard. Well, it was before my house was evicted from our beautiful Victorian on 21st Street. We had to toss our condiments in a fury and the recycling junkies spilled a bunch of stuff on the sidewalk in the process of scavenging. We didn’t clean it up because, well, who the fuck cares. We got evicted after all because they sold the house for a cool 900K. RIP 2624. This and the sawed off stop sign moped theft on the corner will go down in MissionMission infamy…

Bummer! (And yeah, that epic moped theft was a doozie too.)

[Photo by Talent Is An Asset]

4 Responses to “What really happened with that ketchup-and-cornichon spill”

  1. Drew says:

    That’s nice. Maybe the new owners won’t be littering douches. Out with the old…

  2. Quit hatin' says:

    Drew: I believe the ‘recycling junkies’, are actually the ‘littering douches’ you’re referring to

    Heckle the rich with the old…