Shredded duck burrito

Looks like Daly City’s Koi Palace has caught on to this whole burrito fusion thing. Check out the “Shredded Duck Burrito”:

Its “tortilla” is a pan-fried scallion pancake, and its insides are peking duck-style shredded duck and cucumber slivers. There’s plum sauce for dipping.

It tasted great, though calling it a “burrito” might be a stretch. Where are the closed-off ends? It’s more of a wrap, I’d say.  Still, I haven’t seen a duck burrito since Mission Chinese’s Chinito (RIP) which brought back some fond memories.

And before you go complaining, “waaaah don’t tell people about my favorite ‘secret’ dim sum spot” ’cause it’s too late. The lines have been crazy long there for years.

UPDATE: Mission Chinese Food insider Chris Ying weighs in…

5 Responses to “Shredded duck burrito”

  1. DJM says:

    “Its,” not “it’s”. Just sayin’.

    So call it a wrap, already!

  2. Lillian says:

    My mouth is watering.

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