Vice takes a tour of the Mission burrito

As we mentioned last week, the final installment of Vice TV’s Fresh off the Boat: Bay Area series involves burritos. Vice TV’s Eddie Huang concludes his Bay Area tour by sampling several of our unofficial official local dish, comparing them to Asian food, and crowning a favorite. I wish he would have sampled more burritos, but let’s be real, burritos are huge, how many could one possibly eat in a day?

18 Responses to “Vice takes a tour of the Mission burrito”

  1. cop says:

    good stuff.

  2. Hater says:

    What an annoying douche

  3. xm says:

    I agree with hater. This guy is a total douche. If you go into cancun (which, btw, is the best) and ask for a super burrito they give it to you in the foil … they’re not “dying to give you” anything else.

    go home, ass hole.

  4. dsds says:

    He didnt even try el farolito regular nachos… fucking scum bag.

  5. clyde009 says:

    This guy pretty much sums up the state of Vice for me these days.

  6. Ben says:

    Anyone who says Cancun is the best is wrong and hasn’t been to El Metate.

  7. Akadio says:

    Why does this guy talk like he thinks he’s a black hip hop artist?

    • SlobDog says:

      I think he’s from NYC’s East Side or something. He’s got a point about bagels in the mission.

  8. steve says:

    captain food opinions never finishes any of his burritos

  9. El Righto says:

    Anyone who doesn’t recognize La Taqueria’s carnitas burrito as the best thing on the planet is, of course, a complete and utter moron.