The reclining swing at Dolores Park

Our pal Lindsey tells us all about it:

The reclining swing at Dolores Park is one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever been on. You strap yourself into it, then with even the slightest push find yourself nearly inverted, hoping centrifugal force overrides gravity for just another few seconds. [link]

But is it more terrifying than the Tulip, or more gravitationally weird than that weird slide?

26 Responses to “The reclining swing at Dolores Park”

  1. mebs says:

    I think it’s for disabled children, no?

  2. mae_ann says:

    yeahhhh… that swing, existing firstly for disabled kids, is fun/not scary in the least; and sorry but Dolores didn’t invent it… many parks in California have them.

    • meesha says:

      The natural response to a light hearted post about a person’s inexperience with a swing that is pretty uncommon, is to suggest they are disabled/ privileged? Further, assert they should be sexually harassed?

      Way to keep it classy MM readership.

      • mae_ann says:

        uhhh no where in my comment contains the suggestion that op is disabled or should be harassed.. good luck with those stellar reading comprehension skills.

  3. DM says:

    This is the most terrifying thing you’ve ever been on? A swing for disabled kids?

    You need to get out more, Lindsey.

  4. nofishtoday says:

    I’ll show you one of the most terrifying things you’ve never been on.

  5. Interesting. In the distance between 4 comments, we’ve gone from “I think it’s for disabled children, no?” to vaguely sexual (?) threats. What the fuck, Mission Mission?

  6. sure says:

    you mean Centripetal force, or are you looking to loose your teeth?

  7. Hater says:

    You’ve lived a charmed life if a childrens swing at a park terrified you.

  8. Lindsey says:

    Hi haters- sorry if I offended anyone, I was totally unaware of the actual purpose of the swing. I assumed it was for toddlers to be pushed gently in, or something of the sort. I was pushed pretty hard on it and have bad vertigo and a fear of heights, so yeah, it was a bit scary for me.

  9. wizzer says:

    Then Lindsey, do us all a favor.

    Stay out of all parks, ok?

  10. DTW says:

    Lindsey, are you ever aware? Last time weren’t you making fun of guys with backhair and calling things “so gay” which you justified with the homo-best friend defense? Do us a favor and move.

    • Nick Pal says:

      Haha look it’s someone with a personal gripe who is so impotent that all they can do is complain about it on the internet! Oh, to be so aware!

      • Winter says:

        Sorry Nick, no Lindsey won’t sleep with you for defending her honor but yes she’ll still let you buy her cocktails.

  11. In-Mouth Vomiter says:

    I unfortunately clicked on the link to read her blog. The references to herself in third person (contemporary Lindsey? Really?), rampant humblebragging, and thinly-veiled narcissism made me vomit in my mouth. It’s like reading some lame story in creative writing 101 at AAU. Oh well, we’re all entitled to create our own mental detritus, I guess.

    Ugh, shouldn’t have eaten that last taco last night…

  12. stiiv says:

    I knew they were for disabled kids. But I didn’t know you could swing hella fast on ‘em.

  13. la dee da says:

    I feel sorry for this girl, at here age she should be aware that these swings are for the use of disabled children. And yet, she continues to make fun.


  14. Booyonce says:

    You’re a jerk.