SFPD is going to get serious about the Mission

SFist reports:

After seeing an increase in violent crime and gang activity in the Mission over the past few months, SFPD will ramp up their presence around the elitist yet gritty neighborhood. Spurred on by the four homicides that occurred in the district in the past two weeks, SFPD Chief Greg Suhr told the press yesterday that the department would be sending in more plainclothes and uniformed officers as well as additional patrol cars and motorcycle units to cover problematic spots like the 16th and Mission BART plaza.

“The temperature is hot right now between the Hispanic gangs,” Chief Suhr said at a press conference yesterday, although he declined to specify which gangs exactly. Citywide, there have been 58 confirmed homicides this year, up from 44 homicides around this time last year.

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  1. Akadio says:

    Let ‘em shoot each other!

  2. nothing_wrong_with+the+Tec8 says:

    Thi blog is populated by self-entitled, culureless transplants. Oh wait….

  3. Dale says:

    Where do i send the bullets?

  4. damian says: