Upscale mini-golf coming soon to 22nd and South Van Ness

Good news if you’re already tired of ping pong and bowling! Eater SF reports:

[T]he neighborhood is now scheduled to get a mini-golf course, Urban Putt. Spearheaded by former CNET and PC World editor Steve Fox, the 18-hole course will be housed in the long-vacant former mortuary at 22nd and South Van Ness, and is scheduled to feature a 70-seat restaurant with upscale comfort-food fare from a “well-known restaurant group” and a cocktail program by the Bon Vivants.

Look for it in 2014. Read on for further details.

[Image by Google Street View]

66 Responses to “Upscale mini-golf coming soon to 22nd and South Van Ness”

  1. scum says:

    There goes the neighborhood.

  2. TJ says:

    Bowling? Check.
    Mini Golf? Check.

    When does somebody get to work on putting in a roller skating rink? Come to think of it, that’d be a pretty awesome use of the drill court at the Armory…

  3. biglippedkneegro says:


  4. GP says:

    All this shit and no one will revive one of the mission theaters?

  5. Dani says:

    This is my block. What we really need is a new market where Cala Foods used to be…arrrrgh

    • Jules says:

      Ain’t that the damn truth. Tired of having to walk almost a mile to get groceries, or picking up whatever crap they happen to have in stock at one of the corner stores.

      • COMG says:

        That’s what we used to hafta do in Kansas, before you were born. Makes me laff, every time I think about you doing the same thing here.

      • bailey says:

        this is my block too, & I consider this terrible news.

      • You're 0.4 mile from a market says:

        There is a market on 24th and Valencia, 4/10ths of a mile away. There is another on 24th at Alabama, also 4/10′s of mile away. There is a fishmonger on 24th and Treat and a butcher on 24th and Alabama. Also, 24th is lined with bakeries. You are 7/10ths of a mile from Doc Loi. Oh and at 22nd and Folsom there is another market, it’s only 3/10ths of a mile away.

        I was so tired today walking in the flat Mission down 24th street. I really need a Rascal

    • bagelsandmoxie says:


  6. commentariatsays says:


  7. dummy says:

    i appreciate that they are diversifying the gentrifying, but why does it always seem to involve children’s game?

    what next, batting cages & fancy corn dogs at the corner of harrison and 22nd?

    wait someone give me $1,000,000 i have a great idea!

    • bellpeppernostrils says:

      you are hitting on why i cant stand these motherfuckers in san francisco

      this is the town of neverland and never growing up

      we have an annual adult big wheel race for fuck sake

      and no, im not hating on this shit toally but you do reach a point where you want to be around people that are in touch with reality from time to time

  8. COMG says:


  9. Hectoid says:

    I’ll keep my low-scale mini-golf AND go-kart racing down in Redwood City, and I don’t have to put up with a bunch of jaded, snobby “adults” either. Let’s go drink Cokes.

  10. under the bridge says:

    Yet there is no indoor shooting range…you have to go all the way to Jackson Arms.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Sure there is, in the basement of the old National Guard Armory.

    • I can only wish says:

      A range would be the best thing to happen to the mission. I would get an annual membership. My only concern is the dorks who would go there, have you seen how piss poor the cyclists (if you can even call them that) ride? I’m not sure I’d feel safe around folks who can’t even ride a bike. Being swept is no fun. Hmm maybe if it was super exclusive? Yeah that would work. We could call it Fine Stein’s!

  11. Dude! says:

    Why not something useful like a Whole Foods!

  12. Alabama St. says:

    What isn’t fun about all of these things? Mini-golf, bowling, ping pong, ice skating, roller skating, adult bounce house…bring them ALL on!!!

    What? You nay-sayers want another bar? Just what hte Mission needs. Another bar.

  13. Milk Steak says:

    “Well known restaurant group,” — those Dr. Teeth guys?

    • olu says:

      Dr. Teeth attracts an unfortunate element to the ‘hood. The staff seem slike nice people but wow. That crowd.

      I for one would appreciate a batting cage.

  14. Cynthia Charlemagne says:

    Hell naw!

  15. Ariel Dovas says:

    Uh, what about the rooftop golf range on 18th and SVN?

  16. soooo van ness says:

    wait, indoor put-put? That’s weird…Unless you mean they are tearing down that cool building, which would be lame…it’s cool though the APPeople and .comers need a place to blow their wads (of cash)- the people who work normal jobs with normal poverty level incomes (i mean rich by kansas ideals), can continue play put put with street trash. Soon enough that bubble will burst; those playthings for the rich will be abandoned facades left like the scars of yesteryear, such as playland, sutro and YBCA bowling/ice skating….so just wait kids in it for the long haul-
    but can a developer please, please, please put a fucking grocery store in that dilapidated hole of cala/delanos already!? Seriously, It’s been years now and nothing, and it has parking!

  17. Brillo says:

    Think of it as an 18-step program to overcome your Peter Pan syndrome.

  18. Thomasina says:

    Ahh another playground. For the eternally gravity free. The glib poseurs and rich can co mingle. What were those jokes about ‘marina people’ again? I see no difference in this blog and any ‘marina people’…or Kevin’s Uptown Almanac. Apolitical, oh but gay people can get married, that’s cool dude….Yep that is being ‘active’…indeed.
    .and eternally oblivious and non committal, while your govt kills tens of thousands of children. And men…..but they must all be terrorists cuz your hero Obama says so. While Obama has deported twice as many people as Bush (and he DOES have extreme power over ICE and the DOJ ) while immigration actually completely tapered off…..You fancy pants poseurs jumping up and down about any new playground you can afford. In a mostly Latino and working class white/poc area, the only concerns you all have is , where the fuck is the best burger? When is the next shooting? Got any info?
    Can we bowl? Wasn’t occupy funny?!?!? And ohhh,,,, we hope the police REALLY crack down next time some ragamuffins break some upscale windows! OH OH that made me so MAD! Gee, look at that butt crack of a person passed out on the street. Boy this girl sure is cute! This car is ‘ballin’. Hey the sun is out!

  19. Allan is blocking my comments says:

    If you can afford to become what you hate – most will.

  20. did you notice..... says:

    …that this “story” is on at least 7 other Frisco ‘blogs’ that are defacto in cahoots, logging views to justify selling ads. You are all the Product. It’s a big circle of Fuck You.

  21. Luke says:

    I love this neighborhood!

  22. Topian says:

    Sounds like something out of the Google campus

  23. confused says:

    These comments go to show how diverse and f*cked this neighborhood is! YAY MISSION! LOVE IT!

  24. fakejoebiden says:

    Cool, unless it’s like $60/round, which it probably will cost.

  25. Tico says:

    I’m with Hazbeen & Dani, how about less amusements for spoiled, immature overpaid twitter hipsters, and more stuff the neighborhood could actually use, like grocery stores, affordable restaurants, etc? Oh, wait, no one cares if you’re hip & trendy when you go to those place…riiight.

  26. native says:

    It’ll probably cost more for a round of golf then it did to bury my dozens of relatives who were “prepared” there. Wake at Driscoll’s and boilmakers at the dive across the street = better entertainment than hipster putt putt.

  27. jaybee says:

    really, miniature golf and beer makes people angry?