Local’s Corner defaced again

And they’re not open for lunch anymore, so nobody’s shown up to clean it up yet.

I thought they might cut the guy some slack after he admitted calling it Local’s Corner was a bad idea, but nope.

(Thanks, Jess and Camille.)

50 Responses to “Local’s Corner defaced again”

  1. Haggie says:

    I’m now on the side of the business owner.

    I’ll wager that the person that did this hasn’t lived in the Mission for more than five years and isn’t from San Francisco or even the Bay Area.

    • troll says:

      I’d take the other side of your bet

      • Haggie says:

        Do you really think a lifelong resident of Mission would stoop to this behaviour? If so, there would be HUNDREDS of businesses being tagged with more opening every day.

        • troll says:

          Did you live here in the 90′s? Neighborhood blogs weren’t around, but this type of shit kinda was.

          • Maria says:

            Could someone muscle up and point the spray can at:

            The Munchery (srsly — its their actual super-douchy name)
            Heath & Coffee
            The stolen bike chop shop street encampments
            Flour and Walks on Water
            All Uber cars
            All blaring ambulances racing to nowhere while people in the avenues wait and wait

          • That Dude says:

            Troll is absolutely right Haggie. Keep Hoods Yours is mostly definitely a native SF/native Mission movement:


        • troll says:

          ^ Seriously. I don’t think the people who moved here in the past 5 years are the ones doing this (I mean they’re the customers for the most part). We can only blame so much on the newbs….

    • Haha says:

      Hahahah, we have a different standard of low around here. Maybe y’all should leave and go back to boston or something

  2. YuBalance says:

    This is terrible, and only makes the divide in the community worse. Not to mention, it is extremely expensive to clean up. This is only going to lead to a larger police presence, and more arrests. So stupid of the tagger….

  3. Brandon Cruz says:

    Name another way to get attention that is so loud, divisive, infuriating, and worthy of admiration?

    • LW says:

      uhh, uhh. I don’t think you would be so admiring if it was your building or business that was vandalized.
      Basically this is just a juvenile, unthinking act. Gentrification may have its downsides, but if it pushes idiots who do stuff like this out of the neighborhood then there is a silver lining.

    • Yo Mama says:

      self immolation!

  4. Hazbeen says:

    Why can’t the displaced just ask Mommy for a down-payment on a house?! #problemsolver

  5. amir says:


  6. Slowbicycle says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. I don’t love having an overpriced, mediocre restaurant that doesn’t really cater to our local community sitting on my street, but I’m not sure this is the best form of activism against it. I definitely didn’t feel any better watching a group of local Latino guys cleaning up the graffiti this afternoon.

  7. Some Jerk says:

    This is just really awkward.

  8. pastido says:

    Oh well…you reap what you sow.

  9. Visa says:

    I wouldnt trade a nice mellow mediocre restaurant on my Local St Corner that comes along with Douchebags non people of color that hangiout, stubbing there noses to me maybe, maybe not…..
    Better than having a Liquor store, attracting the other douchebags who pee, vandalize and hangout with there cans of Olde English and loud bad music, threarting woman, and me wanting to kill on the way home.

  10. Jerks says:

    I do enjoy their $30 caviar omelet.

  11. JohnnyL says:

    The losers strike again.

  12. Primo Pitino's parecero, El Pinguino says:

    Normally I would feel empathy, but fuck that guy and fuck that place.

  13. Nah says:

    I think this is just a response to something upsetting. It doesn’t have to be overly analyzed or overly politicized.

  14. The real losers here are the local residents who have to look at this ugly-ass shit day in and day out. But I guess they’re used to it.

  15. nobody says:

    Weak hands…

  16. long time resident, tired of this bullshit says:

    It’s so easy to show up in the middle of the night and do this kind of shit. Why don’t you show up with your spray can in the middle of the day, when people are one the street and in their business and try this?

    Why don’t you try owning a small business in this city?
    Why don’t you try employing people in this city?
    Why don’t you try and clean up your city?

    Because it’s easier to show up in the middle of the night and slink back to where you came from.

    • El Dedo says:

      Why would any ‘locals’ do that? It’s so much easier to whine about whitey, have a protest to get more laws and resources to protect your ability to go down to the park @ 21st & Shotwell and get so loaded that emergency services has to come and take you to General (again)
      Why? Because locals deserve to be able to do that. Oh, and fuck you white boy! That’s why.

  17. Walter Ball says:

    Brandon Cruz – worthy of admiration? STUF punk. You’ve obviously never had the ba!!s to build a single thing or hire a single employee. As an ex-owner of restaurants and rock clubs in this crazy, wonderful, but always changing city, this kind of sh!t saddens me.

  18. MeeNee says:

    So interesting how Wise Sons Deli is completely off the hook.

    They blazed the trail for opening businesses on 24th street that do not serve the existing community.

    Wise Sons could have opened anywhere and they chose to open an expensive jewish deli in the heart of a community desperately trying to hold onto their heritage. Their second location downtown, should have been there first location… for the downtown crowd and tourists.

    Shame on all these guys and anyone who patronizes them.

    • Schlub says:

      “Shame on all these guys and anyone who patronizes them.”


      WTF. Shame?

      Wise Sons previously was a lame, greasy and failing taqueria. They made their money with their truck, which sold tacos on Harrison. Who knows what happened to them, but the place itself was at best half full. They had good salsa, but they didn’t survive because they DIDN’T serve the existing community. Wise Sons is packed all the time.

      Local’s Corner was previously a shitty, barely surviving corner store that hardly anyone went to, and when they did they probably didn’t remember going to it because all they were getting was another 40 and maybe a pack of smokes or a scratcher. Local’s Corner revived the space into a nice destination restaurant, cleaning up the corner and bringing new local jobs.

      The jerks who continue their lame graffiti stuff here have nothing left in their quiver. It’s pathetic.

    • Annoyed says:

      This post is absolutely ridiculous. Are taquerias the only “Allowed” food option in the mission and specifically 24th street? You are obviously an ignorant, uneducated person who doesn’t understand that employing people and bringing new people into a neighborhood is a good thing. Would you like the city to build a wall around the mission and not let anyone in or out? On second thought, you probably do.

  19. My 2 Cents says:

    This places name is what’s offensive. It represents (even if owned by a local) everything that is not local about the mission. It caters specifically to the new wealthy whites that have moved in to the neighborhood or who visit, not to anyone who lived there from 2003-before. Trust me.

    The graffiti done on it is offensive. Its meant to be. Just like the name of the restaurant. That’s most likely why this place gets hit and not others.

    They messed up naming that place that. I’m a local and yes I find that place to be offensive.

    • Schlub says:

      Sorry 2 cents, but I’ve lived here prior to 2003 and I disagree. The restaurant doesn’t cater to any race of people in one way or the other – it’s a nice, locally owned, small restaurant and you pay extra for the expertise they offer in dining – hey, guess what, just like ANY OTHER PLACE IN THE WORLD. I can’t afford to eat there more than maybe once in a great while, but so what?

      The graffiti done on it is more than offensive – it’s criminal and hopefully these assholes will be caught.

      • My 2 Cents says:

        sorry schlub, but i get the impression that you cannot/will-not look at this from the point of view of a young local who grew up in the mission. until you do that, you just wont understand.

        there are people different than you out there.

        even the owner admitted naming it that was a bad idea.

        congrats to you living there prior to 2003 though. there’s not too many that can say they’ve been there that long.

        • My 10 Cents says:

          I don’t know why people perpetuate this image that EVERYONE that lived in the Mission pre-tech boom cannot afford and/or do not want to have fine dining in the neighborhood. I grew up in the mission. I have a decent job. And I like to eat at fine dining establishments. Local’s Corner is a very good restaurant run by people that care about their food and customers.

  20. MeeNee says:

    @ Schlub

    Wise sons is packed with who exactly?

    Were you at the last Sunday streets? There was no room for bikes anymore because of all the looky-lou’s pointing there camera at things instead of actually participating. I can imagine all the Facebook posts “…Chillin in da Mission”. “OMG I was there too!…”

    Soon Sunday streets and the Mission will be just all you self absorbed, oblivious cultural parasites with nothing to say to each other except what the next cool place you want to move to.

    Yes, shame on Wise Sons, they chose 24th St so they could make a boat load of money on day one. They knew they could sign a long cheap lease and would gentrify the neighborhood to ridiculous levels by their presence, as you have testified by your opinion that the neighborhood is better now that white, sheltered people feel safe to jog and eat there.

    Rich techies and people with disposable income would have found Wise Sons where ever they opened. And if you don’t think Wise Sons understands why locals hate “locals”corner you really are a schlub. And they know they are no better.

    Keep Hoods Yours hit Vara Apartments on 15th. Yeah! I have to suffer living next to those f* a-holes that I have met coming out of that place while walking there dogs. A great family that were my neighbors, were lucky enough to get a BMR rental at VARA and they hate it! They are paying 1/4 of what everyone else is paying and they say said if they could afford it they would live anywhere else but there. And Techies are climbing the walls to get in. Can you wrap your brain around that Schlub?

    I would love to see Wise Sons next. These real local kids obviously feels powerless. So let Wise Sons spend a $100 dollars to pay someone to clean it.

    • Annoyed says:

      Wow MeeNee…

      You continue to impress (kidding, you are an idiot). I live in the neighborhood, and would much rather have a busy street filled with people who want to spend money in my “hood” than walk over shit and garbage. You choose violence and vandalism over acceptance. You are really representin’ da mission right homie! (kidding again, you are an idiot)

      I do understand that your feelings come from fear, and understand the emotions. You are watching a place that you love change. What you can’t see is that it is changing for the better – not for the worse.

      I can’t wait to comment on another of your idiotic posts. The funny thing is that i just realized I am probably talking to a 10th grade kid.

      • Funyon says:

        “What you can’t see is that it is changing for the better — not for the worse.”


      • MeeNee says:

        There is no way you have lived on 24th for any amount of time.

        I moved to the Mission (15) years ago, after living in the Western Addition for (12) years. Now called Nopa thanks to people like you, who need fetishize where they live.

        I moved to the Mission because of the people and I saw the beauty and the soul and the problems, as just that…problems. Believe it or not, there were and are many people working on the problems, ie: non profits that are being kicked out all over the city and the local organizers protesting Local’s Empire.

        People who disagree with you, don’t see rich white people, with no connection with the neighborhood, taking over the Mission as solving anything.

        Admit it Schlub you moved to the Mission because it was “cool” and then you realized, in your eyes it is just “full of shit and garbage (ie:poor people)”.

        And the neighborhood is gentrifying exactly as you had hoped because you won’t LOVE the Mission as we all do exactly as it was, until it is another Noe Valley.

        OK, Schlub do you work for Twitter or Facebook or Dropbox :D

        • troll says:

          Haha – you moved into the Mission and ’99 and are trying to act like it’s yours? Those of us from the neighborhood laugh at people like you; you’re the same as the yuppies in thinking you can appropriate a shared community. Yeah, you might “get it” more than others, but you clearly still don’t get it.

  21. Schlub says:

    MeeNee – you are truly an asshole, and an obviously nepotistic one at that. I’ve lived here on 24th for 16 years. BTW, I am a self employed artist – one who’s been able to make a living from doing so.

    If you’d rather have empty shit hole businesses, passed out drunks, heaps of garbage, graffiti and young people shooting each other on your doorstep, then maybe you’d better move somewhere else now because guess what the Mission is indeed changing, and definitely for the better.

    • My 2 Cents says:

      No! what we’d rather have is a neighborhood we can afford to live in when we get older. NOT one that is so expensive that we are FORCED to move out of our hometown where everyone we know and love live when we get older.

  22. Annoyed says:

    Funyon & MeeNee…

    funny that you think “rich people” (whom i am not) see poor people and immediately see garbage and squaller. In fact, ALL PEOPLE see garbage, drunks, violence and disorder when there is garbage, drunks, violence and disorder.

    The culture and the people of the mission are not going away, they (you!) are now sharing with other people that have just as much right to live there as asshole idiots like you. FYI, you sound more racist and judgmental than any “Rich White Tech” person that you loath. Funny how stupid people(like you) are always the meanest and most scared of changes.

    Also funny that you think vandalism is a solution. Maybe getting rid of people like you in the mission is the first step to making it a better place than it has ever been.

  23. backtotheburbs says:

    hmm, why don’t they have lunch anymore? sounds like fewer jobs …
    is it really such an amazing addition to a neighborhood to have an overpriced and pretentious little restaurant that’s open only a few hours a day? and don’t they have like 10 seats? not so sure about the business model here …

    not only that, but this place (and franchise) is now famous for vaguely racist discrimination. its vague yes, but anytime something real bad is vague — its still bad.

    no other types of businesses are needed in the Mission? just overpriced food and cocktails?

    some people are celebrating the vanishing of laundromats, obviously the ones with laundry at home (or who rely on some app). poor people are dirty anyway, right? plus they’re practically on their way out of SF …

    isn’t it surprising how many people so deeply affected by the current ‘changes’ (i.e. destruction of community) are showing truly amazing self-restraint?

    graffiti is done all over the world, no one cries about it … its a fact of urban life. you don’t like it? plenty of suburbs will take you back where you can bask in graffiti- and homeless-free sterility.

    • Annoyed says:

      Ugh… You must be friends with MeeNee… It is not about the graffiti. Although I am from New York and can name every famous Graf writer from the dawn of the movement.

      What happened at Locals Corner is NOT graffiti, it is vandalism. graffiti is not about screwing the small business person. In fact, there is a Graf artists code that would not allow the defacing of a property like Locals Corner. And also know that graffiti is hated throughout the world. Cities like NY have entire police squads with one purpose… Stoping grafittu. But you obviously don’t know that because you are an idiot. Your family, MeeNee and Funyun, would be proud of your stupidity.

  24. Asswipe says: