Buttermilk Southern Kitchen will replace shuttered laundromat at 23rd and Bryant

Sidewalk seating, beer and wine, Southern fare, lunch and dinner and brunch? Sounds good to me. Eater SF reports:

Housed in a 1,200-square-foot space, Buttermilk will feature an open kitchen and 49 seats in-house, plus additional sidewalk seating. In keeping with the character of the neighborhood, De Ocampo stresses that entrees will be affordable, with nothing over $18, and most dishes averaging about $15. “Our business model is honest food, affordable prices,” he told us. “We’re not trying to price anyone out.” [link]

They’re located kitty corner from the beleaguered Local’s Corner restaurant, is maybe why he’s stressing that point. (Although he should be fine since he didn’t name it “Local’s Buttermilk,” right?)

[Photo by Google Maps]

9 Responses to “Buttermilk Southern Kitchen will replace shuttered laundromat at 23rd and Bryant”

  1. JohnnyL says:

    Can’t wait for the dairy farmers of america to shit on these guys. WTF DO THEY KNOW ABOUT BUTTERMILK?!


  2. JohnnyL says:

    And I want to see birth certificates… we’re they REALLY born in the south? Smells like mid-westerners to me.

  3. stevethenameisSTEVE says:

    This is acceptable, as the white folks wouldn’t do their clothes washing at a laundromat (the horror).

  4. BabaBooey says:

    23rd and Bryant

  5. Keel Me says:

    Gimme some of that good ‘ol $15 per plate southern cookin’!

  6. kiko says:

    here’s a good question: who really cares?

  7. John says:

    This is great news! Hopefully they do keep it affordable enough for frequent dining as the immediate area could use a few additional affordable options.