Bluesix Shut Down By The Man

SERIOUS BUMMER NEWS. One of my favorite underground acoustic music venues, Bluesix, is shutting down. The owner Joe Lewis is working with the inspector to finish out June concerts.

I had a lot of good times and amazing musical moments at Bluesix and I’m really sad to see it go. It was one of the few places where you could set up a show without jumping through a bunch of hoops with unresponsive promoters, lame restrictions, unfair door arrangements, and unappreciative clientele. The proximity to my favorite psychedelic taco joint didn’t hurt either.

Joe is looking to turn over the lease on 24th and Treat to someone in the community, so if you know someone a like-minded individual who is interested please drop him a line, otherwise it will probably become a lame bail-bond place.

Quinn DeVeaux Tonight @ Bluesix 8:30pm FREE!

Quinn DeVeaux leads an awesome Ray Charles-style Rhythm and Blues Band, complete with a trio of long-gloved hot girl backup singers (the Quintettes, naturally). Check out their performance on the awesome Chasing the Moon video podcast here.

Tonight at 8:30 he’ll be doing a special solo performance of his bluesy originals for FREE at Bluesix on 24th and Treat. Bluesix shows are always loads of fun. It’s a great listening space and the nights there usually end up as wicked house parties.

And after that, don’t forget to go next door to Taqueria La Vallarta this evening to check out their delicious taco bar and fascinating mural.