The seven stages of taco grief

La Vallarta tacos just got a 17% price increase. That means 25 cents, non-math-dude. Up to $1.75 from $1.50.

The title of best tacos in town, in my humble opinion, goes to Taqueria la Vallarta. I have sung praises about these tacos and even admired their surrealist psychedelic mural here before. But last week I walked up to the register with a trio of meat-topped, lard-dipped tortillas and the total came to $5.25. All seven stages of grief occurred in a flash:

1. Shock – WTF? The five dollar bill in my hand can’t cover this!

2. Pain – Is this the end of an era? Has the economy finally caught up with the Mission’s last cheap meal? Is California, indeed, a failed state?

3. Anger & Bargaining – Señor, I assure you this is the first I have heard of this. This is unfair. You should have a sign up, or something. How about I skip the grilled onion, take one less radish and lime wedge, give you $5, and we call it even.

5. Depression, Reflection, Loneliness – Will this be my last taco? Maybe I need to eat more healthy. Say, I haven’t been on a date in a while. I think I have an overbearing mother.

6. The Upward Turn – Hey, looks like I have an extra quarter in my pocket that I was saving for my laundry change jar.

7. Acceptance & Hope – You know what? You guys deserve it. I have dreams about these tacos. I hope my humble contribution brings you riches, sir. ¡Viva la Vallarta!

Seriously, though. They deserve it. But, bummer.

[photo by mioi]

Taqueria La Vallarta’s All-Day Breakfast Special

7am-10pm! Does it even qualify as a “special” at that point? Maybe I’m just a square. It’s 2011 and Taqueria La Vallarta clearly doesn’t care what my old-fashioned idea of what breakfast is. That’s cool. Don’t mess with brunch, though. That’s sacred.

What’s next, all-day “happy hour” at 24th Street bars? I hope so.

Quinn DeVeaux Tonight @ Bluesix 8:30pm FREE!

Quinn DeVeaux leads an awesome Ray Charles-style Rhythm and Blues Band, complete with a trio of long-gloved hot girl backup singers (the Quintettes, naturally). Check out their performance on the awesome Chasing the Moon video podcast here.

Tonight at 8:30 he’ll be doing a special solo performance of his bluesy originals for FREE at Bluesix on 24th and Treat. Bluesix shows are always loads of fun. It’s a great listening space and the nights there usually end up as wicked house parties.

And after that, don’t forget to go next door to Taqueria La Vallarta this evening to check out their delicious taco bar and fascinating mural.