Quinn and Meklit play Arcade Fire

Check out Porto Franco’s new video of local hit-makers Quinn DeVeaux and Meklit Hadero covering the Arcade Fire! Didn’t know what to expect with this pairing of a classic rhythm and blues man and a folky world music songstress. The result sure is purdy:

Any requests? I’ll put in Huey Lewis and the News – The Power of Love, especially after the Hold Steady recently butchered it.

Three Great Shows Tonight

Quinn DeVeaux and the Bluebeat Revue bring you back to the time when no one would take your seriously unless you had three hot chicks with long gloves singing backup and pantomiming lyrics. Singer Viola Viola, in particular, has a serious case of high-on-life. You’ll know exactly who I’m talking about when you see her. Revolution Cafe, 22nd and Bartlett. 9pm, no cover, tip lots.

The Nice Guy Trio will be playing their own arrangements of tunes by local composers and songwriters of all genres, including Marcus ShelbyMeklit Hadero, Aaron Novik, Dina Maccabee, and Dave Ricketts. The Red Poppy Art House on 23rd and Folsom. 8pm, $10-15 cover.

Everyone’s favorite yodelin’ Japanese-immigrant cowboy Toshio Hirano will be performing his monthly gig at the Rite Spot Cafe on 17th and Folsom. Ask him about how much he loves Jimmie Rodgers, and be prepared to have your ass charmed off. 9-12am, no cover, tip the man.

Aw hell, why am I even bothering to post today? You are all probably on your way to the park with a Rhea’s sandwich and a six pack of blue-ribbon-winning beer.

Quinn DeVeaux Tonight @ Bluesix 8:30pm FREE!

Quinn DeVeaux leads an awesome Ray Charles-style Rhythm and Blues Band, complete with a trio of long-gloved hot girl backup singers (the Quintettes, naturally). Check out their performance on the awesome Chasing the Moon video podcast here.

Tonight at 8:30 he’ll be doing a special solo performance of his bluesy originals for FREE at Bluesix on 24th and Treat. Bluesix shows are always loads of fun. It’s a great listening space and the nights there usually end up as wicked house parties.

And after that, don’t forget to go next door to Taqueria La Vallarta this evening to check out their delicious taco bar and fascinating mural.