3D City: Dolores Tower

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

Along with the typical Wachoski and hunky Jesus spottings, you’re likely to spot these acrobats doing their thing in Dolores Park once or twice a week. I’m not exactly sure which group this was, but I’m thinking it could be AcroYoga. If you know, share some info in the comments. Shot with my Nimlso 3D camera on Kodak T-Max film.

Essential Mission Events!

That’s right, EME for this weekend:

The last moments of the Bay Area National Dance Week! Free classes and events scattered thickly over the Mission District.

The Cinco de Mayo celebration at Dolores Park! We all know that Saturday isn’t Cinco de Mayo. It’s the Kentucky Derby. We’ll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo anyway, because this is the Mission of San Francisco, and maybe we’ll bring along a Mint Julep in honor of my horse-country past.