The Mission's Día de los Muertos Celebration in Financial Trouble

The 2009 Day of the Dead poster: a work in progress / Kiriko Moth

The 2009 Día de los Muertos poster: a work in progress / Kiriko Moth

Kiriko Moth, a local artist who is designing the poster for this year’s Día de los Muertos celebration, alerts us to some troubling financial news:

The Marigold Project is a nonprofit organization who, for 30 years has been dedicated to preserving, promoting, and sharing the traditional Meso-American rituals surrounding the Dia de los Muertos. And now they need your help! The city has raised permit fees and the organization is in a funding crisis. Visit their website at to learn more and donate to their organization, because without the support of the community this amazing event cannot continue!

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Skinwalker at Receiver Tomorrow


Peep this: tomorrow night from 6-9pm is the opening of Brian Willmont‘s show, “Skinwalker,” at Receiver Gallery.  I’m no art critic, but there are lots of pieces featuring cacti and rifles, and I love cacti and rifles, so check it out.

The Receiver website is a broken mess, but you can see more pictures from this completely-unrelated-yet-functioning site.

Some art from the Skinwalker show

There Is Too Much Awesome Stuff Happening This Weekend

I wish I could be at 3 places at once:


Don’t forget about free Four Barrel.


SF Street Food Festival

11am – 7pm at Folsom and 25th.  Legal food and illegal food all in one place. (link)

SF Zine Fest

As previously mentioned, this isn’t happening in the Mission, but I don’t care.

11am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday at the SF County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park.  Rumor has it that the awesome people* from Fuck Yeah YouTube Comments will be there (*full disclosure: I am one of the many awesome people from FYYTC). (link)

School Lunch Sound Off!

Noon – 2pm at a.Muse Gallery.  Talk about the future of the school lunch program.  Stations for kids to plant seeds and shit.  Plus free food (we hear that the amazing Manu from SF Vegan Tamales is helping cater), drinks, prizes and stuff.  A real community builder! (Link)


SF Zine Fest Benefit Show + Afterparty

9 pm onwards – Amnesia
853 Valencia St between 19th and 20th
$7 donation – Proceeds benefit SFZF!

Jeepster (Sacramento)
Fleshtone (Portland)
Hyperpotamus (Tokyo/Madrid)
Toby Dick
and an animation screening by Wu of Ghost Family (link)



Rock Make Street Festival

11am – 7pm at Treat and 17th.  12 Bay Area bands performing on two stages with over 50 local artists and craftspeople showing their wares in between. (link)

SF Food Wars Mac N’ Cheese Battle

1pm – 4pm at Stable Cafe.  Let’s be honest here, if you didn’t already get a ticket, you’re probably not going to this. (link)

Battle of the Empanadas

2pm – 6pm at 2958 24th st.  Yes, we already posted about this, but it’s two of the best empanadas in the Mission in one place. (link)

Toad and Salmons' Chili Bowl Cook Off

Chilibowl_09Saturday August 29th: Skateboards, Chili, and people hating hipster girlfolk.  Oh yes.

It is a skateboard bowl contest and chili cook-off at potrero del sol park.  25th and potrero.

skateboard and chili registration opens at 9 am.  skate contest starts at noon.  chili judges start tasting chili at 2pm.  finals of the skate contest at 330pm and awards at 430 pm.

Be there, be there, be there.

Thanks Antonius!

Essential Mission Events!

That’s right, EME for this weekend:

The last moments of the Bay Area National Dance Week! Free classes and events scattered thickly over the Mission District.

The Cinco de Mayo celebration at Dolores Park! We all know that Saturday isn’t Cinco de Mayo. It’s the Kentucky Derby. We’ll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo anyway, because this is the Mission of San Francisco, and maybe we’ll bring along a Mint Julep in honor of my horse-country past.