Gay wedding in a bong

I’m as happy as anyone about the recent changes to human rights laws as they pertain to same sex couples. So here’s a video of a couple getting married during Pride weekend in a giant bong.

(Thanks, EK!)

Gay Marriage Decision Postponed Another Week

Too bad.  I wanted to go party at the Cafe in the Castro again tonight!  As did these guys, who were the first in line to be married at City Hall had the most hotly anticipated decision since Lebron’s produced the result we and Glenn Beck were all hoping for.

Looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to see what’s up . . .

[Photo by SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera via SF Citizen]

Totally Fucking Irritating Bible Thumping aboard the 12-Folsom

I got on the 12-Folsom today en route from work to Dolores Park. Was gonna be a relaxing ride, but no sooner did I settle into my seat and open up my book than this lunatic (pictured) started barking:

GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Ban the Koran! Ban the Buddha! BAN THAT ABORTION! The government needs to protect the Holy Bible — THE ONLY TRUE WORD OF GOD!

The bus driver had already issued a warning, but by this point had pulled over and powered down the whole rig. Dude took the hint (apparently he gets kicked off buses on the regular) and started making his way down the rear steps, stopping midway to encore thusly:

BAN THAT GAY MARRIAGE… if you want to honor your mother and father! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!

Another commuter, clearly over it, could be heard muttering, “C’mon, one more step.” Finally, he took it, and we all got to move on. Anybody else seen Thumpy do his thing?

Photo by David Gallagher.