Gay wedding in a bong

I’m as happy as anyone about the recent changes to human rights laws as they pertain to same sex couples. So here’s a video of a couple getting married during Pride weekend in a giant bong.

(Thanks, EK!)

Local Man Out Walking His Bong

Zarah sent us this slice of life from 16th and Rondel:

Thought I would share my sighting of a man shamelessly walking down 16th Street with bong in hand. He was getting a lot of hoot and hollers from the locals on the block. Good to know that bongs attract cat calls too.

Heh.  Sounds like a job for @missioncatcalls.

How would you cat call a bong?  I would say “HEY MAMA COME OVER HERE AND LET ME HIT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and then make kissy kissy noises.