Assemblymember Tom Ammiano supports local “Jack Off” movement

Yeah, the “Jack Off” movement. You know, to stop Fifth & Pacific’s upscale menswear chain, not the other kind of jack, how dare you think I was making a lewd inference in order to get you to read yet another article about this company. Both Ammiano and former President of the Board of Supervisors Matt Gonzalez support a new appeal. The two are authors of the formula retail ordinance, and believe that the company has acted in bad faith, not holding a hearing and muscling their way in through technicalities.

But they love our gentrification!

Andy Blue sends in the press release, describing the next steps to keep the shop out of the Mission. Full text after the jump:


Author of formula retail ballot measure, Assemblymember Tom Ammiano:
“Jack Spade has operated in bad faith”

Matt Gonzalez, Aaron Peskin; Supes Campos, Avalos,
and Mar support the appeal.

SAN FRANCISCO –– Backed by the original drafters of San Francisco’s formula retail ordinance, the coalition fighting to stop designer menswear line, Jack Spade, from opening a new store in the Mission District, heads to City Hall this Wednesday, October 9 (City Hall, Room 416, 5:00pm) to request a rehearing before the Board of Appeals.


24th and Mission Art Walk Wrapup: Graying Matt Gonzalez Photographed a Lot at Soap Gallery

Pressed for time, I only made it to the two Outer Mission stops on the 24th and Mission Art Walk. Neither was as fun as Cardburg.

First, Soap Gallery:

This was opening night for Pull Here To Get Everything You Want, an exhibition of new collages by Green Party vice presidential candidate Matt Gonzalez. The modest little arrangements of scraps appeal to the OCD in all of us, and as far as repurposing found junk into art, a lot of these were a lot better than a lot of the junk at Unmonumental, the ballyhooed found-junk-themed inaugural exhibition at New York’s new New Museum location (which, incidentally, closes in a couple days).

The central element of the opening was Gonzalez. Photographers swarmed, taking lots and lots of low-angle shots of him mingling with attendees. My parents noted that he’s going gray.

Soap Gallery provided goldfish crackers, pretzels, peanuts, M&Ms, wine, three kinds of imported beer, and live music.

Next, Queen’s Nails Annex:

Queen’s Nails Annex has a cool name, this cool picture of chairs, a cool logo on its website, and it’s like right next to Argus Lounge, which is cool.

Previously on Mission Mission: 24th and Mission Art Walk Snakes around All the Best Parts of the Mission.

Matt Gonzalez T-Shirt Drew No Ire

I wore my Matt For Mayor t-shirt all weekend, expecting to hear some anti-Nader/pro-Obama rhetoric or chants or something. But nobody said much of anything. While buying some Thin Mints, a Girl Scout mom said “Hey you dusted that thing off; now you can just put for Vice President on it”. Okay. On Saturday night, I was at celebrating my editor’s 33rd birthday. He was a few drinks in, noticed the shirt, slapped me on the back and said, “That’s why I love San Francisco and will never ever leave! Only here would people position the democrat as this hüpfburg right-wing, fascist asshole!”But still, nobody took umbrage with my wearing the shirt. Here I thought I was all controversial.

matt gonzalez for mayor t-shirt, originally uploaded by allanhough.


When It Rains It Pours

I’ve always wanted to vote for a female presidential hüpfburg kinder candidate, I’ve always wanted to vote for a black presidential candidate, and I’ve always wanted to vote for Matt Gonzalez in a national race.

Link to that picture of Matt and Joe Strummer.