What would the Bizarro counterpart (see Superboy #68, 1957 -ed.) of our commander in chief look like? I think this artist rendering in the front door of La Rondalla answers that question.

Note how the artist managed to convey polished chrome features without the use of color. The hand-rendered lens flare effect is very refreshing a post-Photoshop world. Also, the intentional facial asymmetry of the subject allows us to reflect on our own imperfections and embrace them.

Perhaps most amazingly, the piece is dated 6-11-80. This artist was clearly far ahead of his time. I am glad this masterpiece has been carefully preserved in a quality binder sleeve for future generations to enjoy.

Milk Carton Obama


I love it when political graffiti is subject to interpretation.  Is the artist saying that Obama’s follow-through with campaign promises is missing?  His cojones? His body from the neck down?

(photo by KayVee.INC)

Update: Reader mcas tips us off to an original version of the poster than appeared a few years ago:


(Credit unknown)

Barack Obama in Dolores Park

Eliz and Ryan took their cardboard Barack Obama standee for a walk in the Mission today, and it looks like everybody had a lot of fun. See the whole set here: Barack Obama visits the Mission.


826 Valencia Kids LOVE Obama

Obama and the Midwest

Obama Drinks Blue Bottle

Obama and the Midwest

Today, my epic Midwestern road trip has brought me to Indianapolis. Fearing for my safety, my friend Bri (a real-live Indianan) sent me a link to a post on Take a Breather called “Indiana McCain and the Obama of Doom”:

Two nights ago, a friend (and Iraq War veteran) was walking down the sidewalk wearing an Obama 2008 shirt when a man, eating dinner with his wife looked up and said, “So, you’re a communist?”

That same night, a person in the bar shared this story with my friend: “I was wearing an Obama shirt in here the other night and three guys surrounded me and started harassing me about the shirt. Realizing I was outnumbered, I asked them what they would like me to do. They made me turn my shirt inside-out.”

Another recent evening, I was driving my mom’s car, which has an Obama bumper sticker on it. As I was using a drive-thru ATM, a truck pulled up behind me and began chanting Obama’s name out his window, but not in a good way. More like a tone that invoked the ghosts of the KKK. I didn’t look back, I just pulled away and acted like I didn’t hear them.

And then there’s this zinger, brought to light by an acquaintance: “I hope every racist person in America comes out and votes against Obama.”

Indiana is an interesting place.

Lots more analysis here. So yeah, I guess I won’t be donning the “Fuck Cars” t-shirt I picked up this afternoon in Bloomington until I get back to California. Thanks, Bri!

Obama Just Another Fucking Puppet?

I don’t know, man. And that website they mention is kind of boring. Zzzzzz.

Photo by hailtothethief21. [via Mr. Saucy explains it all]

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Live From New York: Wheatpaste Hillary in an Obama ’08 Hat

Live From New York: Wheatpaste Hillary in an Obama '08 Hat

Please excuse this quick detour from the Mission to the Bowery, but Animal just published this beauty and we thought you’d like to see it. Link.

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Matt Gonzalez T-Shirt Drew No Ire

When It Rains It Pours

Obama: Motherfuckers are bitter!

San Franciscans ask the right questions I guess. Somebody at some San Francisco fundraiser (likely not in the Mission) asked the question that gave rise to this fiery Obama response to unfounded attacks by Hillary and McCain. They say he’s an asshole for asserting that Americans might be bitter about the way their government treats them. Obama says, “Sheeeeeeeeit – o’ course they bitter! They bitter as fuck and I’m here to help!”

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Matt Gonzalez T-Shirt Drew No Ire

I wore my Matt For Mayor t-shirt all weekend, expecting to hear some anti-Nader/pro-Obama rhetoric or chants or something. But nobody said much of anything. While buying some Thin Mints, a Girl Scout mom said “Hey you dusted that thing off; now you can just put for Vice President on it”. Okay. On Saturday night, I was at celebrating my editor’s 33rd birthday. He was a few drinks in, noticed the shirt, slapped me on the back and said, “That’s why I love San Francisco and will never ever leave! Only here would people position the democrat as this hüpfburg right-wing, fascist asshole!”But still, nobody took umbrage with my wearing the shirt. Here I thought I was all controversial.

matt gonzalez for mayor t-shirt, originally uploaded by allanhough.


When It Rains It Pours

I’ve always wanted to vote for a female presidential hüpfburg kinder candidate, I’ve always wanted to vote for a black presidential candidate, and I’ve always wanted to vote for Matt Gonzalez in a national race.

Link to that picture of Matt and Joe Strummer.