Barack Obama in Dolores Park

Eliz and Ryan took their cardboard Barack Obama standee for a walk in the Mission today, and it looks like everybody had a lot of fun. See the whole set here: Barack Obama visits the Mission.


826 Valencia Kids LOVE Obama

Obama and the Midwest

Obama Drinks Blue Bottle

6 Responses to “Barack Obama in Dolores Park”

  1. albert says:

    great pictures! i got a obama cardboard cutout from and we had tons of fun with it!

  2. anna says:

    funny pictures, but also: i cannot believe that everyone is wearing only t-shirts … i am sooo jealous!

  3. sophia says:

    where’s the diversity in sf? kinda ironic to see the lack of it (except for half of a happa guy) in these photos while saluting the election of a biracial multiethnic president.

  4. sophia says:

    i meant multicultural

  5. blimp says:

    Daaamn, those girls from the first pic got some niiiiiiiiceee