Live From New York: Wheatpaste Hillary in an Obama '08 Hat

Please excuse this quick detour from the Mission to the Bowery, but Animal just published this beauty and we thought you’d like to see it. Link.

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Matt Gonzalez T-Shirt Drew No Ire

When It Rains It Pours

Obama: Motherfuckers are bitter!

San Franciscans ask the right questions I guess. Somebody at some San Francisco fundraiser (likely not in the Mission) asked the question that gave rise to this fiery Obama response to unfounded attacks by Hillary and McCain. They say he’s an asshole for asserting that Americans might be bitter about the way their government treats them. Obama says, “Sheeeeeeeeit – o’ course they bitter! They bitter as fuck and I’m here to help!”

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When It Rains It Pours

I’ve always wanted to vote for a female presidential hüpfburg kinder candidate, I’ve always wanted to vote for a black presidential candidate, and I’ve always wanted to vote for Matt Gonzalez in a national race.

Link to that picture of Matt and Joe Strummer.