If you paint it, it will open


So meta. Is La Rondalla gonna hurry up and open soon? I was supposed to have my wedding there.


La Rondalla may be hitting on you

In continuing efforts to remind you that they’re still not open (but possibly working on it), La Rondalla has taken to giving out either compliments or tips, depending on who you are:

Um, guilty as charged?

More baffling signage at La Rondalla

Well, as far as we can tell, La Rondalla isn’t any closer to reopening since the last time we checked. It’s clear they missed their projected “by June at the latest” launch date.

However, they are continuing their long tradition of putting up mysterious signs with vague references to current events in order to demonstrate that they are still alive:

But wait, are these really elaborate clues about the fate of the restaurant? Let’s analyze:

“Summer time blues”: Well it is summer, but why the blues? Are the blues about acquiring the necessary permits to tack up dangerous amounts of tinsel throughout the interior as they did in the past?

“No kid hungry”: Is this alluding to some kind of after-school meal program that they plan to offer?

Rats Menacing 24th Street?

Mission Local published a provocative article today suggesting that the 24th street corridor from Valencia to Potrero has a severe rat infestation on its hands, as three of its restaurants have been forced by the City to temporarily close due to vermin.  Super China Fun, purveyor of the questionable strategy of pricing food by the scoop, was one of the victims and will soon be replaced by a new Thai place, Chilli Cha Cha.  This has prompted some to ask the question of whether restaurants should be required to reveal that they have been shut down in the past for health violations.

It’s a tricky issue:  diners should have some sense of security that the food they are eating hasn’t been contaminated, but owners probably also shouldn’t be forced to wear a scarlet letter for the rest of their business lives if they’ve resolved the problem.  Rats are definitely an issue in the Mission, as they’ve contributed to the prolonged closure of one of our favorite margarita pitcher-slinging spots, La Rondalla (20th and Valencia), where it used to feel like it was Feliz Navidad everyday.  Similarly, local blogger Generic left his apartment in the Tokyo Go Go building because he was tired of an unending rodent infestation, and that was way over on 16th.

What about the rest of us?  Tell us, residents of the Mission:  Are you menaced by rats?  Are they IN UR HAUS, eatin ur granola?  Do you think anything should be done about it (can anything be done?), or is this just life in the Mission?

UPDATE!!!! Clever insight by commenter Elina:

The stupid landlords need to start allowing tenants to have pets. No rats or cock roaches in apartment with cats and dogs.

 Is it just that easy???


La Rondalla Gets in on Haiti Relief Efforts

Haiti in need help, now I get it!  For the longest time I thought that said “Haiti W need help.”  Color me insanely stupid.

[Thanks 2 Rachel 4 pic!]


What would the Bizarro counterpart (see Superboy #68, 1957 -ed.) of our commander in chief look like? I think this artist rendering in the front door of La Rondalla answers that question.

Note how the artist managed to convey polished chrome features without the use of color. The hand-rendered lens flare effect is very refreshing a post-Photoshop world. Also, the intentional facial asymmetry of the subject allows us to reflect on our own imperfections and embrace them.

Perhaps most amazingly, the piece is dated 6-11-80. This artist was clearly far ahead of his time. I am glad this masterpiece has been carefully preserved in a quality binder sleeve for future generations to enjoy.

I Guess it is Cold Enough Outside to Freeze Hell

I was totally digging the winter air this morning riding my bike around town.  Dancing exhaust and cold ears; I even saw snow falling off the mud flaps of a semi.  Then I saw new construction at La Rondalla.  Snow then this?

So, is this place seriously about to reopen?  Anyone have the inside scoop?  I hope they don’t loose that hella cool padded door.

La Rondalla Keeping Up With the Headlines


From Rachel:

this is that place la rondalla on the corner of 21st and Val that has been closed for ages (but apparently had great Margs!), but they always have funny signs up to let you know that their still alive, sorta. funny thing is the Veterans day sign actually says November 11th 2008 in the corner. oopz

Heh.  I like to see business try to stay relevant.  I especially like their nod to Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.  He’ll likely smile when he walks by.

Sidenote:  Were their margaritas full of roofies?  The legend continues…

Taqueria Cancun Closed?

Bummer!  Shawna sent in this disturbing image, a sign posted on the doors of Cancun:


Hopefully they’re not pullinga La Rondalla.

Anyone have any more info?