I Guess it is Cold Enough Outside to Freeze Hell

I was totally digging the winter air this morning riding my bike around town.  Dancing exhaust and cold ears; I even saw snow falling off the mud flaps of a semi.  Then I saw new construction at La Rondalla.  Snow then this?

So, is this place seriously about to reopen?  Anyone have the inside scoop?  I hope they don’t loose that hella cool padded door.

La Rondalla Keeping Up With the Headlines


From Rachel:

this is that place la rondalla on the corner of 21st and Val that has been closed for ages (but apparently had great Margs!), but they always have funny signs up to let you know that their still alive, sorta. funny thing is the Veterans day sign actually says November 11th 2008 in the corner. oopz

Heh.  I like to see business try to stay relevant.  I especially like their nod to Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.  He’ll likely smile when he walks by.

Sidenote:  Were their margaritas full of roofies?  The legend continues…