We Built This City spotted this dude on 17th and Mission today.


Segway to Work Day

Today is Bike to Work Day 2010, so naturally Segway Steve has to show up without a bicycle.  You’re going the wrong way, man!  I’m going to let the metaphor in this photo speak for itself:

Anyway, let’s see what kind of neat schwag came in the bag this year!  While I didn’t get a t-shirt this year (long story short:  riding my housemate’s ex-boyfriend’s fixie due to yesterday’s incident, and it was so hard to get my feet into the toe clips that once I finally did, no way was I taking them out again, forcing me to only grab a bag while rolling by the recharge station–BTW, nice pass volunteer!), this year’s bag seems jam packed with fun stuff.  So let’s see what we have here . . .

Nice bag logo!  The colors and cycle outlines are quite aesthetically pleasing.  Woah, and nice spot Meli!  Also, good choice with cool mint for the CLIF Bar flavor, guys.  Tube times, sticker–but wait!  What’s this?  A front bike light??!?!!??  AWESOME!!!  Thanks for making me legal, Bike to Work Day 2010!


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Seriously, Shimano?

Segway Finally Joins the Market Street Bicycle Commute

I finally saw one of these things rolling down Market Street, trying to blend in along with the rest of the bicycle commuter pack.  It sure took a while for these things to demonstrate any usefulness beyond being utilized for carefully managed guided tours in the Marina, but this guy is doing his best towards entrenching the Segway as the revolution in personal transportation it initially claimed to be.

However, I wouldn’t worry about these things taking over the roadways any time soon.  The lack of exercise expended forced this dude to dress for his morning ride like he was preparing to ascend K2 (between his roles as Kyle Reese from T1 and Corporal Hicks from Aliens, Michael Biehn is easily the best actor on the planet) on one of the warmest mornings of the year so far.

While the Segway accelerated quickly off the stoplight line, that only forced cyclists to repeatedly pass him after every intersection since his top speed left much to be desired.  The Muni buses didn’t take too kindly to him either.  Too fast for sidewalks; too slow for streets.  So where do they belong?

Probably the junkyard, although these Sci-Fi versions look pretty badass!


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