McCafe Pushers on Segways: A Symbol of Economic Progress


McCafe Pimps seen coming from Capp St. at 17th

Yesterday afternoon, these five crappy-coffee pushers could be seen rolling down the length of Capp St. in their tricked-out Segways (peep those oversized off-roading tires; that’s how you know their seriousness knows no bounds).  At first, I figured they were completely unaware of where the centers of economic activity occur around these parts.  Then I realized the Capp St. corridor is the harbinger of Mission District economic progress.  Capp has 1.3 million dollar dream homes (one even has a carriage house for your collection of prize-winning mares complete with a special walk-thru featured in the Chronicle), an opening cupcake store, jaywalking has replaced prostitution has the street’s greatest crime, and crack prices are through the roof.  A rising tide lifts all boats.

I get it now, McDonalds.  I get it.

(photo by Jake of Headline Shirts)

4 Responses to “McCafe Pushers on Segways: A Symbol of Economic Progress”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    All I can say is if they had been hawking the French Fries I’d have been right up there, 1st in line.

  2. JD says:

    Segways are illegal on the sidewalk in San Francisco unless you are disabled. Certainly not legal for commercial purposes such as this. I saw them this morning on the Market St sidewalk (SFPD has been notified). They’re fine in the bikelane though. So why not get some exercise on your way to get yer coffee and pastry instead of riding a $5k goofball device to get it?

  3. Sean says:

    There’s some ladies who work around there that could probably use a cup of coffee.

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  5. Bob Kerns says:

    JD, thanks for getting your facts straight about the SF law. SF is one of only a handful of places in the entire US to have a ban on the sidewalk, and as you note, the ADA takes precedence for the disabled. You’d be surprised how many people post thinking they know that Segways are illegal.

    As for these guys — well, walking wouldn’t get the attention that a $5K goofball device would. The off-road version is actually about $6K…

    But here’s a little twist. In CA (but not in most of the US), the off-road version does NOT get the same pedestrian status as the regular version — the width just barely exceeds the standard, which I’m told was set deliberately to exclude them but not the regular ones. Got me as to why, actually; the difference is very small, and still approximates an adult male’s width at the shoulder.