Casting call for “Looking”

Formerly called “The Untitled Michael Lannan Project”, HBO’s new series about a few gay men who design video games and hang out in Mission bars is now casting for background extras. They have a “constant need for 20s-30s Hipsters/Mission Neighborhood types & LGBT Community”. And you “must be able to pull off Hipster vibe with your own clothes or style”. Make of that what you will.

Birds At Evening
[random Mission file photo by me]

Quit waiting around for the Real World narcissists to come to your neighborhood bar and get out there and get on this show! Then send us back some reports from the set!

UPDATE: Doc Pop notices that they’re shooting at Doc’s Clock today.

HBO’s gay SF dramedy has been picked up as a series

It’s still untitled, so we have time to submit some more here . . .

Birds At Evening
[another stock Mission photo by me]

Production starts in the fall for a premiere in 2014, story here.

Previous coverage here.

HBO shooting new series partially in the Mission

The Untitled Michael Lannan Comedy, as it’s currently known, centers around “three thirty-something friends living in San Francisco who grapple with all the options in contemporary life and the complexities of the modern gay experience”, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show’s adapted from a comedic feature script by Lannan called Lorimer. It will star Jonothan Groff, from Glee, who also is apparently dating Zachary Quinto. So . . . there’s your Hollywood gossip.

Hot Mission Sunday
[stock photo by me, just in case it helped to see an image of the Mission]

Anyway, it sounds like they’ll be shooting sometime soon around the neighborhood, possibly at bars like El Rio and Esta Noche. So far HBO has only greenlit the pilot, but just in case it gets picked up I’m thinking about taglines for them.

Going off of the little info I have:

Sex and the City by the Bay

A Story of the Modern Millennial Milieu

Out and About some Boys

Gay Bay Today, Bab-ay

Anyone else?

UPDATE: Casting info includes a “Dancing Bear” stripper and a good looking gay couple with a mixed-race child to hang out in “the park”, which could be Dolores, but I guess people still hang out in other parks . . . ?

Help a Former MM Blogger Get on Mad Men

Fudgekat is just as obsessed with Mad Men as you guys are, so naturally she’s entered a contest to win a walk-on role on the show.  All you have to do is stop here for one second and vote for her so she can fulfill her dream.  And she really wants this one, too:

I need all the votes I can get!  And yes, I stuffed 2 pairs of socks down my shirt to achieve the look.  Sex sells.

Vote for Fudgekat!


Where Can We Watch Mad Men Tomorrow?

Where Can We Watch Mad Men Tomorrow?


I’m wondering if you know of any bars showing the Mad Men season premiere.  If not, could you put a call out to see if anyone is??   I need to find a place to watch!  Thanks!  (plz don’t include my name or contact info on yr blog)

I am also guilty curious about this. Sure I could steal cable, but last time I tried to mess with my building’s cable box I think I broke cable for everyone for a couple of hours. Oh shit, forget I said that. I think my building manager reads this blog.

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