District 9 Supervisor Debate

In the wake of yet another Mission murder, reader Subito_Piano got in touch to let us all know that there’s a District 9 Supervisor debate scheduled for Tuesday, October 7, to be held at the Victoria Theatre at 16th and Capp. On the official debate website, you’ll find links to more info on each candidate, an agenda, as well as a form with which you can submit questions of your own.

10 Responses to “District 9 Supervisor Debate”

  1. zinzin says:


    Snarky rants aside (for a moment)….

    PLEASE post your questions to this website. BE thoughtful.

    PLEASE attend the debate and make an educated choice. BE responsible.

    PLEASE PLEASE vote in the election for D9 Supervisor. BE proactive about Our Mission.

  2. monkeeknifefight says:

    PLEASE don’t complain endlessly about the day laborers. They’re not going anywhere. Every single neighborhood meeting one of our NIMBY neighbors goes on and on about the day laborers. C’mon guys, there’s shootings and drugs and gangs that I feel deserve a little more attention.

    But yes, definitely vote. If you do absentee, you’ll get your ballot in the mail. Then you can actually go over the ballot at your own pace instead of tearing out the Guardian cheat sheet. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    I’ll even sorta miss Ammiano.

  3. zinzin says:

    whatever your favorite issues may be….just VOTE!

    my opinion, DO NOT vote who the Guardian tells you to. (Or the Chronicle, or anyone else).

    DO NOT vote based on the bullshit the candidates will put in their flyers (which will litter our streets for the next few months). The candidates true agendas are pretty clear if you look.

    Get educated on the candidates, for real, and VOTE for the one who is going to represent YOU and YOUR MISSION in the way you see fit.

  4. zinzin says:

    so, mission mission peeps. not a lot of chatter on this one.

    question: what’s your number one issue facing District 9 (you know the Mission is in D9, right?)?

    What’s the first thing on which you’d want the new Supervisor to focus?

    OK, I’ll go first. Flame away.

    Most important issue: safety. Bar none. Everything else is comparatively inconsequential.

  5. mission_mom says:

    SAFETY is THE Number 1 concern for mission residents.

    I am not looking for small, incremental improvements here and there. I am looking for a BIG safety agenda and BIG changes.

    I am talking about DOUBLING the patrols in the mission. I am talking about cutting assault and homocide rates in the mission IN HALF by 2009. Why can’t we do this? Money, resources? What will it take?

    You come up with the plan around safety – You tell us what it will take. The people will get behind this leadership and help make it happen.

  6. zinzin says:

    Yah. for sure, mission mom.

    unfortunately, the vast majority of the candidates espouse the usual canned, hot-air “progressive” rhetoric that currently (and historically) holds the city hostage, and keeps our Mission streets unsafe and unclean.

    they’re all of a stripe – practically clones of one another – and they’re all liars. particularly the guy Campos. my gosh, what a sleazebag.

    only choice in my view is the guy Eric Storey. He’s untested — decidedly NOT a career politico — but he seems like a regular guy, and his website shows “Safety” as his number 1 issue.

    even if this is a non-choice by default…so be it.

    i just can’t see electing any of the other bullshit artist “activist” windbags (or worse yet, career liars like Campos).

  7. Alan Goes says:

    How can I get a list of the candidates prior to the publication of the voters’ guide?

  8. zinzin says:

    you can look here for a list:


  9. District Nine Resident says:

    I attended the debate tonight and I was inspired and really impressed by the level of understanding and handle of the issues of Eric Quezada. I’ve made up my mind that he is the best candidate to represent D9. No one spoke to the issues that affect D9 residents better than he did. He has the record and knowledge and understanding needed to represent the District.

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