Do It For Yourself

Carlos Reyes just put up a post titled Skateboarding’s Not a Competition. Ostensibly, it’s about skateboarding, but it contains good advice for all of us creative types in the neighborhood. Here, he talks a bit about himself and his homies:

We don’t care about skills. If something sick happens, we’re stoked, we don’t get bummed that we can’t or can do the same trick. It’s just a shared experience we all have. But anyways, it doesn’t really matter to me who’s better than me or who I’m better than. That has never crossed my mind. If I skate with rippers, that’s rad and it’s fun, but it’s also the same fun as I’ll have if I skate with beginners or whatever. I don’t pay attention to who’s doing what because when you start to, the fun starts to go away.

Solid advice, Carlos! Lots more to the argument here.

2 Responses to “Do It For Yourself”

  1. jimbeam says:

    I think the Mission would be a much friendlier, better place if people took this mindset and incorporated it into the way they thought about everything.