Shark vs. Cat. Dignity Lost.

This cat looks like it is about to be raped.

This poor cat looks like it is about to be molested.

Corinna, everybody’s favorite Greek Mission resident, is currently spending a month in Europe, where she has already had to bear witness to the most disturbing trend in European animal cruelty.  We all hope she’s okay.


6 Responses to “Shark vs. Cat. Dignity Lost.”

  1. Dig says:

    Wow… MissionMission has stooped down to the level of putting silly pictures of cats on its website.

    A sad day indeed.

  2. Jocelyne says:

    That lil cat is so beautiful. Poor lil thing, cat’s hate being dressed up, I know i’ve tried it numerous times. It’s pretty funny though, in a evil, demented way.

  3. imallears says:

    i miss that lil terd oh so much

  4. binky says:

    i totally hate cats – but i love this picture. this cat is golden. only this cat.

    • Corinna says:

      Binky – you’re totally right! This cat is the only golden cat. So golden that she allowed me to dress her up. But I did not molest her afterwards, I SWEAR.

  5. Consuela says:

    Wow, this poor kitten is gorgeous. Stunning really! She better keep that costume for Halloween.