Hella Old Interview With Adam Infanticide

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I figure if I can still unironically enjoy Biggie’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” I can link to a 5-year-old interview with my new favorite sticker artist (via Wooster Collective):

What is your favorite thing to do on your day off from work?: art or sex, but even though I don’t have a job right now, I still don’t seem to do either as much as I’d like.
What is your favorite color?: green or purple or something.
Who (or what) do you love?: idiot art, copyright infringement, music, efficient public transportation, soul sistas, Mary Hopkin, vandalism, my friends, etc. I don’t actually love: fascism, racial profiling, police brutality, prison labor.
What other talent would most like to have? I’d like to be able to interact normally with other people and/or play the piano hella good.

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(Photo by Rick Audet | Thanks for the tip Gwen!)


(photo by jeffgage)

One Response to “Hella Old Interview With Adam Infanticide”

  1. Isore says:

    Come up with something new, Adam….these were only mildy amusing the first few years you were putting them up. Maybe you are too busy ‘skullfucking Condoleeza Gibbons’