Hella Old Interview With Adam Infanticide

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I figure if I can still unironically enjoy Biggie’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” I can link to a 5-year-old interview with my new favorite sticker artist (via Wooster Collective):

What is your favorite thing to do on your day off from work?: art or sex, but even though I don’t have a job right now, I still don’t seem to do either as much as I’d like.
What is your favorite color?: green or purple or something.
Who (or what) do you love?: idiot art, copyright infringement, music, efficient public transportation, soul sistas, Mary Hopkin, vandalism, my friends, etc. I don’t actually love: fascism, racial profiling, police brutality, prison labor.
What other talent would most like to have? I’d like to be able to interact normally with other people and/or play the piano hella good.

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(Photo by Rick Audet | Thanks for the tip Gwen!)


(photo by jeffgage)

Update: The Purest Form of Cycling


Spotted at 15th and Treat by permanently scatterbrained a long time ago:

just when you thought your rare albanian velodrome made you the most deck hipster in the mission…

…this son of a bitch has to add a monster truck tire to his rare ukrainian velodrome. damn!

(Photo and post tags stolen from permanently scatterbrained | Hat tip San Francisco, For the Win)

Previously on Mission Mission:

Grape Flavored Vegan Bullshit


Speaking of fruit, this Mission Street bull is bananas.

Mission Flashback: Ribity Meets Bender's

Ribity Meets Bender's

Shortly after John Kerry botched his campaign for emperor, Ribity was introduced to the window of our favorite bar.

Fucking.  Historic.

(Photo by ClaudineFlickr link)

Man, Do I Hate Clowns


It’s almost impossible not to smile as some deranged axe-murdered is swinging his weapon-of-choice into your frontal lobe.

(Thanks Zara! – Found at 24th and York)

Painted Traffic Control Boxes


EPA and around the bay has put together a great collection of painted traffic control boxes around the district.  Also, if you haven’t put EPA on your reader, get to it.


Michael Jackson: "Nobody Fucks With Mission Bartenders!"

Okay, MJ did not say this himself, but whatever.  The art was found in the men’s room at Mission Bar.  A much better photo by Rick Audet indicates that this has been around since the fall of 2007, but it’s new to me.


A Narrative About San Carlos St. in 2001

Reader Jesse N. points us in the direction of this interesting piece about the 2001 housing boom and fixtures of San Carlos St. at the time.  Definitely worth a listen.

I was listening to an old 2001 episode of This American Life and it devoted a whole third of the show to the Mission. Entertaining even if you didn’t know the neighborhood, but rings truer if you do, it’s a story about Mission life around the time of the end of the tech boom. Specifically, about a person who was a longtime fixture on his block but was getting pushed out of his apartment. The story is as comical as it is mildly depressing considering SF is going through similar economic times. Enjoy!

(link – Click “Full Episode.”  The piece on the Mission starts at 39:30.  Thanks Jesse!)