Man, Do I Hate Clowns


It’s almost impossible not to smile as some deranged axe-murdered is swinging his weapon-of-choice into your frontal lobe.

(Thanks Zara! – Found at 24th and York)

2 Responses to “Man, Do I Hate Clowns”

  1. Rhiannon says:

    Speaking of local art and whatnots, did you see that NBC is “viral” marketing again with spray painted stencils around the mission? It’s a cane, wrapped in snakes, like the MD logo, for House MD.

  2. orki says:

    Actually, I thought that medical logo was a cane with a donut around the middle. It is all over the Mission, but I would never have thought to make any connection to a campaign. The spraying is slightly ‘dirty’ when most marketing stencils are actually really well painted (needed for clarity, probably), and it doesn’t stand out as any type of symbol that I would connect to a television show. But perhaps that’s because I don’t watch television.