Man, Do I Hate Clowns


It’s almost impossible not to smile as some deranged axe-murdered is swinging his weapon-of-choice into your frontal lobe.

(Thanks Zara! – Found at 24th and York)

The Greatest Show in the Mission

In case you need something to complement your regularly scheduled drug use this weekend, occasional reader Cari alerts us to the fact that there is a circus group in the Mission and they are having six shows this weekend.  If you are too busy to see the show, they also sell underwear.

(link, Thanks Cari!)

Coulrophobia aka Clown Phobia

I had never really found clowns particularly scary until I saw this charmer at Carnaval this past weekend. On the surface she seems nice, making sweet balloon animals for the kids (notice that monkey in the front row). But the demonic gleam in her eye in the photo above hints towards a darker side:

It might just be me, but the lilting incantations coupled with the oddly unrhymed phrases is more than a little bit creepy.

Even if JJ wasn’t frightened, I was.