Trauma in the Mission


Rumor has it NBC’s Trauma was filming today in Dolores Park and around 19th and Valencia.  Anyone see any cool explosions/emergecy rescues?

19 Responses to “Trauma in the Mission”

  1. Missy says:

    they have been here since right after folsom fair…. and they have been blocking my bike route for any given day in every place they have been.

    i heard the show is terrible, but it is kind of fun to look at all the sets..

  2. Liz says:

    Is that why Mission was closed between 16th and 19th-ish today? During rush hour? A real black eye for whoever decided to let that happen the same day the Bay Bridge closed!

    • Matt says:

      16-17th was closed because of a possible suicide attempt — someone was sitting on the edge of the roof. I don’t know how it ended up

  3. melissa says:

    They’re still there as of 7pm, actually… and Trauma’s shooting on Valencia btwn 19th and 20th. Crazy night on Valencia.

  4. jenna says:

    So I walked by it today, they were filming in front of the little park right next to Range. They were irritated by the foot traffic and loud large cars passing by. Meh.

  5. superlative judgement says:

    I was told not to walk on the sidewalk for a few minutes by a wannabe secret service dude with an earpiece. When I asked if there would be chopper landings or firebombs or a Mrs. Gav sighting, I got a snarky “this is a megaplot episode.” Right.

  6. fluffy says:

    I’m pretty sure their explosions happen in post (thanks to MODERN TECHNOLOGY), so it’s not like we’re likely to see any fireballs in person.

  7. Bibbadee says:

    Trauma’s not exactly terrible…and I have to confess I love the San Francisco footage. They are showing parts and places of the city not usually included in stock tv or movie footage. Would I watch it if it was in Dallas? Probably not, but I wish it well as it’s $ for the city (presumably).

  8. SFDoggy says:

    I walked by; no explosions, no action, no nothing; just a blocked sidewalk and a bunch of police vehicles. Why does the City feel the need to subsidize this?

    • Drew says:

      It’s good PR and just a fact of living in a worldclass city. Get over it.

      • SFDoggy says:

        Umm, SF as a “world class city” hardly needs additional publicity from cheap TV dramas.

        The question — which apparently you were unable to comprehend — is why should the city subsidize this (which it does through tax breaks)?

        Do you have an answer to that? Or do you think saying “get over it” is so damn clever that no answer is necessary.


  9. Sangroncito says:

    I watched them film a close-up of two drivers in a S.F. Fire Dept. ambulance parked at the closed gas station/parking lot on Valencia. The actors playing the ambulance drivers pretended to drive and three set workers stood on the back of the ambulance and jumped up and down to give the illusion that it was moving. That was the extent of the action that I saw.

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  11. Sharkie says:

    This show was recently cancelled.

  12. Jocelyne says:

    Why are they still filming a canceled show? What a waste of time, energy and money. Get it together!

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  14. john says:

    “Why does the City feel the need to subsidize this?”

    Because the city gets back ten time the subsidy. So, if you got $100 back for every $10 spent, would you do it? And that’s not counting the work for hundreds of workers, the business for everyone from caterers to equipment stores, restaurants, etc. which results in more tax dollars. Money, tax revenue, is the reason why almost every state and many municipalities offer incentives for productions to come to San Francisco.

  15. another john says:

    The first John is right. The City has pledged up to 600k in rebates a year for all qualified productions shot this year in the city, not just Trauma. That’s spent for police, etc, while the production company spends about $3 million per episode(that’s about 8 days of shooting) for 13 episodes through the middle of December plus at least 3 more next and probably 9 more next year. The show’s not canceled but will most likely move to a different night(right now Monday), after the Olympics. Contrary to popular belief, about 95% of the crew is local. Only the actors and some of the producers along with the directors are from elsewhere. The actors are all renting places in the city. So in addition to salaries, there’s the catering, the equipment rentals, the locations payments, the police, fire, medics, and other extras who are hired for each episode, plus the equipment rentals, set contractors, etc., etc. etc. When shooting ends for the year in the Middle of December, the production will have spent close to $50 million in six months, most of it taxable, for at most $600k in rebates.

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