It Was Me That Was Shot

Manuel just left a comment on our post about the shooting at 29th and Tiffany the other day:

It was me that was shot. Im jus more worried bout the well being of MY daughter. She did not in any way have to witness her father being robbed at gun point, the shot at! I hope that man goes away long enough to think about his actions! I worked hard to save money to supply myself with things I want and for one idiot to attempt to take it away jus cause HE HAD A GUN! NOT going to happend that easy!


3 Responses to “It Was Me That Was Shot”

  1. laurie bk says:

    Hey Manuel, this is horrible and I’m sorry your daughter also experienced trauma. It might help to get extra support outside of family. Do you have some? (School counselor, church, family services…?)

  2. kwk says:

    Some of the folk around that Tiff/29 intersection got the impression the pair were acquainted, that it was no random hit. Which would explain why the gunman wasn’t dressed mugger-style in a sweatshirt with hood pulled over or a stocking cap. He wore a white ‘wife-beater’ undershirt that showed off all the tatoos running up his arms and across his back. Easily identifiable.

    This guy would have stood out in a lineup of any random one hundred people.

  3. M.A.C. says:

    I can’t believe some idiot hasn’t posted “well don’t live in the Mission then!” yet.