Secure Your Brooks Saddle Extra Tight When in the Tenderloin

Or you’ll end up with a giant gaping butthole like this.

Never forget!

10 Responses to “Secure Your Brooks Saddle Extra Tight When in the Tenderloin”

  1. drinker says:

    This started about a year ago — crackheads (or pros) know that “Brooks” logo means $$$.

    Getting rid of your quick-release bolt isn’t enough protection for a $100 saddle.

    • Rod says:

      i don’t think crackheads are out stealing fashionable bike saddles, these grabs are probably hipster-on-hipster crime

  2. SlobDog says:

    Yeah. And if you ride a more contemporary bike with 3×9 tiagra brake lever/shifters they are a biachee to buy/replace too :(

    Perhaps it’s time to torx bolt everything as the new bike fashion accessory.

  3. Rod says:

    buying a designer European saddle comes with it’s burden

  4. aaron alvin says:

    ahhhduh, kinda goes without saying…

  5. esse-effe-one says:

    time to break out the bike chain in a bike tube from saddle rails to rear triangle trick.

    sf denizens not exactly the best at locking up their bikes.

  6. meligrosa says:

    maybge they took it with them. ummmm. ok.

  7. Joseph says:

    Plenty of people in the Tenderloin pay good money to get a gape like that.

  8. olu says:

    That happened to a friend of mine in the TL – and I do wonder what happens next, where for instance would a crackhead sell it (and what asshole would but it)? Or is this a crime perpetrated only by those in the know as Rod suggested?

    either way, sucks.

  9. Tico says:

    Maybe if you just rode a normal bike and stopped being a poncy bike snob, you wouldn’t have to worry.