SFO, Always a Winner

Congratulations, San Francisco!  In August, we set a new national record!  Guess which airport had the worst one-time performance in the nation?

The Cranky Flier reports that with only 70.2% of flights arriving within 15 minutes of schedule this August, SFO beat out stalwarts like La Guardia, Chicago and Atlanta.  (Number 2 was Miami at 75.9% and #3 was La Guardia at 76.4%.)

Fog of course is always a threat — bad weather means only one runway can be used — and our absolutely craptacular summer seems to have pushed us over the edge.  Here’s a chart of on time arrivals by time.  (Note to self, do not fly in at 10 AM in “summer”.)

Departures were not great either — August numbers below. The bottom 5 are no big surprises for anyone who’s been on an airplane in the past 10 years but I found our #6 position kind of surprising.

6. SFO San Francisco 70.5%
5. LGA New York, NY 68.4%
4. ORD Chicago, IL 65.1%
3. JFK New York, NY 60.9%
2. DFW Dallas, TX 53.9%
1. MIA Miami, FL 47.8%

In September we were 9th worst for departure delay, and July we were 28th worst (aka 13th best).  Someone with more money and time than myself really ought to chart this by time and cross reference to weather, kthxbye.

Of course, what’s an SFO post without a link to Telstar Logistics’ glorious air highway map for Bay Area airports?

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  1. MrEricSir says:

    *cough* United hub *cough*